Monday, April 2, 2012


hello hello hello!
So I just want to first let you know that I am officially not in the offices but with a STUD named Elder Toomey!!! WHATTT....I'm training a new missionary!! hahahah.  I'm seriously so stoked it's!i Love it so much!  The changes were super random and sudden but I'm loving so much being able to help Elder Toomey be the best missionary that he can be!
Since I left the offices, I have really been able to see how much I really have progressed as a missionary and as a person!  It's just really cool being able to work in the field all day every day!  Elder Toomey and I have been having a really good time together and we have been able to have success!  When I first got to the area, there were basically no investigators and I didn't know the area at all (neither did my companion) so we were just kinda lost but we knew that the Lord wasn't just gonna leave us solo with no we started to just talk with people and be missionaries!  As we did, we found A LOT of new people, I couldn't believe how much the Lord was blessing us!  The next day, we were studying as a companionship and we decided that we were going to challenge a few to be baptized and that Elder Toomey was going to challenge we go out and find this girl named Paola, we were teaching and the lesson was awesome, it got time to where we were going to challenge her to be baptized and I look at Elder Tommey and he looks back at me with the "deer in the headlights" look! hahahah.  Then he looks back at Paola and says with his broken spanish...."seguirà el ejemplo de Jesucristo y serà bautizado por alguien que tenga la autoridad de Dios?" At that moment I could feel the spirit so strong and we both look at Paola and she says "Claro que sì!!" WHATTT!  I was so happy in that moment and so proud of Elder Toomey that he had no fear at all to challenge someone to be baptized!  I learned in that moment that it doesn't matter if we can't speak the language very well or if we have some other difficulty...the Lord will always back us up with His Spirit if we are really putting in our effort to speak for Him!  Basically, I'm loving the work and loving being able to train a new missionary (my son!) haha.
Anyway, that's probably the biggest news and coolest thing that happened this week!
Just chillin here in MEXICO loving every second that I'm here!  By the way, MEXICO IS GREAT!
Also, that's so cool that court is in Anaheim cheering, I hope she does super well! GOOD LUCK COURT!  I love you all family, keep doing what your doin, cuz what your doin is what you should be doin...and if we're doin what we should be doin, blessings come!  Love you all! peace out.
Elder Johnson

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