Saturday, April 7, 2012


hey hey hey!

So I'm back here in the offices once again! I thought that I would be in the area of 7 Gotas until the rest of the change, but there were some problems here in the offices and they needed my help so they brought me back here! haha.  So now I'm here...and I'll be writing on Saturdays once again! It's kind of weird because I have had 2 p-days this week....lucky me! haha.

Anyway, this week actually went super well! I was with Elder Toomey until Wednesday so I got to work with him a little bit this week, which was super good! I really enjoyed my time with him a lot!  It really reminded me of when I got here in the mission and how willing I was to do ANYTHING!  If we as missionaries could all be as humble and willing as the greenies, but have the knowledge of how to work and teach of a missionary that has more than a year....basically, it would be off the CHAIN!  It really got me super stoked to work even harder than I was...and now I'm really grateful for my time with Elder Toomey!  But then when I came back here to the offices and to my area here....there was too much goin on.....haha.  So we went out and we worked!  I remember just praying for an opportunity to serve someone, and we started to walk in the direction of an investigator that we had been teaching before....and then I saw a woman that was carrying her groceries, but she had a big neck brace on....BOOM, opportunity to serve!!!  We offered our help and she immediately was SOO grateful that we offered to help!  We helped her carry her groceries to her house and on the way there she told us that she had talked with a friend before about the church and about Joseph Smith and everything and that she was super interested!!! WHATT!  She really wanted us to come back to her house and visit her.....also, she has a son who is about 30 years old named Jesús Cristo!  We're gonna baptize Jesús Cristo.....that's so cool!! haha.

Wilian is still doin good. We are still trying to get his family STOKED so that he can get STOKED also!  It's just really hard when he doesn't have that much support telling him to do what's right....but we'll see!  We actually met part of his family that lives in a different part of Sinaloa, and they are actually way cool!  I hope that we can gain their trust so that they can help Wilian and also so that they will be baptized sometime in the future!  Dulce.....we kinda had a problem with her.....or better said, her husband.  He kinda just flipped and changed completely!  We have tried to go over there and now they always just say that they are busy or some other excuse....kind of a bummer, but we're gonna still try to help her to come to church so she can feel the spirit!  Lots of prayers are needed for her and her husband!

Oh and I almost forgot to tell package got here!!  So I'm thinking that you need to activate from there....? So if you could do that and then let me know when i should start using the new one, that would be great!  Also, I'm thinking that I'm gonna need some new socks in the near future...the goin is gettin rough, and these guys have got quite a few miles! haha. remember the incident I had with my finger a while back in Rosario??  It's not looking all that great these is like super big and swollen, but doesn't hurt very much...that's the weird thing!  But I'm gonna have to get it checked out and see whats up.  But don't worry, it's nothing too serious....I just dont want a big golf ball looking thing on my finger for the rest of my life! haha. But thats basically all the news I can think of!

I love you all kind of a lot!  I'm happy, content, and almost always exhausted! haha. But thats a good thing! But for real, I'm SOO happy it's unbelievable....I love the mission soo much and I'm so grateful that I have been given the opportunity to be a part of it!

love you all,

Elder Johnson
Elder Johnson with his temporary "son" Elder Toomey

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