Monday, April 16, 2012


hey family,
So I got changed temporarily again!  I'm all over the place right's been pretty crazy! haha. Right now, I'm right in the middle of Los Mochis and El Fuerte!  In the north of Sinaloa. I'm in 2 branches right now....Rosales and Constancia!  These 2 areas remind me soo much of Angostura it's so crazy! It's pretty nice being in the Ranchitos again....getting a little bit of dust on my face! haha.  But just so you know, I won't be here for too much longer...I'm here because the other elder that was supposed to come here hurt his knee playing soccer, so he´s in the offices right now while I'm here!  I really do love this place though!  It's kind of hard when you go to one place and get to know a bunch of AWESOME people and you find new investigators that want to get baptized....and then you leave again........hahaha.  oh well, I'm just glad that I have the opportunity to help so many people, I really have learned A LOT in my experiences being changed all over the the way, right now I'm training another missioary named Elder Gutierrez, who is super awesome, he´s a super short dude, but he´s honestly just a FIREBALL! haha.  But anyway, I'm really grateful that I have had the opportunity to learn so much and to help so many people!
One of those people that we foud this week is....KARLA!!!  She is a 19 year girl that we found in a place called 4 Milpas!  She is seriosly super cool.  We found her through a reference of a member....she took us to her house and introduced us...but then had to leave so we kept talking to her.  At first, she was just saying that she didn't have time and that she didn't even believe in God, but we just listened to what she was saying and the whole time I was just thinking of how we could help this girl feel the love that our Heavenly Father has for we just listened and we just bore our testimonies about how we know that God truly does love her and that he knows exactly what she is going through!  She listened and we saw that her heart had changed...the spirit touched her heart in that moment, and she let us in the door!  So we were teaching her about God and the restoration and everything and it was so cool to be able to relate the restoration of the gospel to the specific needs of this girl, and we could feel the spirit so strong....then we invited her to be baptized and she ACCEPTED!!  It was SOO cool to see how the spirit just worked in her as we taught her words of truth and bore our humble testimonies of the truthfulness of the restored gospel!  But it doesn't end there......this past Sunday was branch conference which means that President Cantù was going to be there so we really wanted her to come, so we invited her...but she lives pretty far from the place where we meet at, so it was going to be a little difficult.  But we went and talked with the member that gave us the reference and asked her if she could help, and she said that she would do everything possible to help.  We showed up at the chapel about 30 minutes before the meeting was going to start....and there was Karla, sitting right next to the member with a big grin on her face!!!!!  WHATT!!  We talked with her afterward and she said that she felt SUPER good in church and that she really liked it!  Karla will be getting baptized on April 28th!!  I won't be here, but I'm SOO excited for her and grateful for the opportunity I had to teach her!!  By the way, basically her whole family is super interested in the church also, so they will be getting baptized shortly after! haha.
Basically, this week has been super good....we have seen miracles, worked hard, and gotten a little tanner!! hahahaha.
I still don't know anything about the whole phone call deal yet...but when I know, you know! haha.  By the way, I'm sure I will be writing again Saturday.....haha. we'll's kinda unpredictable at this point! 
Love you all, and I'm proud of every single one of you! 
Elder Johnson

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