Saturday, April 21, 2012


Hello family.

This week has been a great one!  We  have been pretty darn busy here in the offices, but that's usually just normal!   haha. But things are going well right now.  I don't know if I ever told you about someone who came to the sacrament meeting the day before I left to El Fuerte, but if I didn't....she's basically super super cool!  Her name is Moramay, she's a dentist here in Culiacan and has a 12 year old son named Arturo, who is also super cool!  But we met them in the sacrament meeting...a member brought her and we met her afterward and she seemed super interested and was just super happy!  Elder Morales and another temporary missionary went over to teach her while I was gone and taught her a little bit about the Plan of Salvation and left her a Book of Mormon......we went back and she had a few questions of the Plan of Salvation and her son Arturo also had some questions.  We basically reviewed the Plan of Salvation and helped them to clear up any doubts they had, but it was honestly the COOLEST lesson I have ever taught on the Plan of Salvation!  The Spirit was just super strong and they had AWESOME questions and everything.  Her brother actually passed away recently, so it hit her really hard and also her son that they will be able to see him again after this life and have the opportunity to be with him FOREVER!!!  We finished the lesson and we kneeled down to pray and she offered the final prayer..and I just remember that the Spirit was soo strong when she was praying that there was no way that you could doubt that it was true!  We are hoping that Moramay and her son will be getting baptized on the 28th, but we're still working on that a little bit...were needing some prayers over here in Culiacan! haha.  Right now, she is actually with all the members rehearsing for a ward activity where they are going to do a play of a cinderella type thing!  So she is already getting along with the members SUPER well and she feels super comfortable going to church and everything, so that is HUGE!  We are super happy for her and her son, and we hope that they will have the courage to follow Jesus Christ by entering into the waters of baptism this coming week! WHOO!

Basically I'm just super happy, still working on the hand thing....I'm going to get an x-ray this week and go to a doctor to get it all checked out.  I talked with a doctor before and he told me that we might have to open it back up a little bit and clean it out, that way it doesn't affect me too much down the road.  So I'll keep you updated on what's goin on....but honestly don't worry, it doesn't hurt or anything, I just may need to clean it up a little bit! haha.  And also, I don't know when you will be sending the next package, but when you do....could you send some Clearsil face wash?? PORFISSS!! (PLEEAASEE!!) haha.  It seems to work really well on my face for some reason. Thank you!  And thank you for sending the socks!!!!!!!  I still haven't gotten them yet, but I'm definitely waiting anxiously! haha.

Anyway, Im really glad to hear that everything is going well and that everyone is happy and content!  Keep up the progress that everyone is making.....WE CAN NEVER LOOK BACK!  The blessings are greater and greater as we progress more and more!  I LOVE YOU ALL A TON!!!!

Elder Johnson

p.s. still not sure about the phone call deal. skype or no skype???? who knows!

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