Saturday, March 24, 2012


Family. WHAT UP!!

Hey hey hey! So this week has been pretty wild! haha. Sometimes the offices just swamp us with stuff to do and it's kinda hard to get out and work, but we try our best! I actually got a little bit sick this week and had to go to the hospital for a little bit.....but now everything is perfect 100% =). haha. But this week was actually really good, we were able to see miracles and meet a lot of new people!

So I totally forgot to tell you last week the coolest miracle of ALL TIME!!! I really can't believe that I forgot, but thats ok. So do you remember Ricardo?? HE GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!! It was the wildest thing that's ever happened to me! So I remember that I put in my letter when Claire got baptized that we brought a few of our investigators to her baptism....Ricardo was one of them, and he liked it so much that he told us afterward that he wanted to be baptized the NEXT DAY!!!  We couldnt believe it at we were running around doing so many things to get ready for the baptism, and it was stake conference the next it was just super wild! But then, we had everything ready and they announced the baptism in the conference! We had his baptism at 4 oclock and there was actually quite a few people that came to his baptism!! But basically it was just the coolest thing to see that the spirit touched his heart so much that he wanted to be baptized in that same moment!! So yeah, that was pretty gnarly! haha.

Also, this week we got to talk a lot with Dulce and her husband Ricardo! They are super excited to come to church this week...we actually invited Dulce to an activity with the Relief Society and she was really excited to go and get to know a little bit more about the church and the members! We haven't actually gotten a chance to see if she went or not because the activity was yesterday night and we didn't go....but we'll see tonight if she went!!  We are hoping a lot that they will come to church this week and be able to feel the spirit!

So right now we actually had a pretty cool experience with the new elders that just got here. So today is our preparation day and the new elders are here with us today, so I decided that I was gonna put a couple of them to work! haha. So we left the offices for half and hour and contacted! We were walking down the street and I asked one of them where we should go and he pointed in one direction so we went....the first person we saw, we contacted! We talked for a solid 15 minutes and the elders were able to testify that this is the true church....and we got him to commit to come to church with us this Sunday!! He lives super close to the church so we are going to pass by his house in the morning so we can all go together! Who knows what will happen, but I know that the spirit was definitely with us and really strong when the elders testified about the church and the gospel!

So I got to go right now, but I love you all and I'm so grateful for each and every one of you!

Elder Johnson

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