Saturday, March 3, 2012


m' fam.

WHAT UP!! ok, so im pretty sure i can start talking about the move more on my emails now because im pretty sure that everyone knows by now....considering that you re already in the other house! haha. but i wasnt sure if you wanted me talking about it...or if it was kind of like a down low type thing. haha. but THATS SO CRAZY!! my family is in another house! ill never see my other room again, thats kinda wierd. but im super super happy for everyone, no joke. and i glad to hear that everything went well with the move and that there werent any problems. but anyway, im happy for you.

so this week was super busy, but it was a solid week! so i dont know if you remember too much about Mariana....we were teaching her about a month ago and she was the coolest person i had ever met but then just fell off the face of the earth....well she just came back from her vacation in the "off the face of the earth"! we were out in our area one day, and we were walking to another appointment we had and my phone starts to ring so i look to see who it is, and i see that it was MARIANA!! WHATT!!!! i was so happy to see that she was calling that i almost forgot to answer the phone! haha. but i talked to her for about a minute and she told me that she had been working a ton, but that she misses going to the church on Sundays....then she tells us that she wants to go to church this sunday and that she still wants to be baptized!!!!! NO....WAY!! it really was like a miracle had just fell from heaven...haha. but i was just super happy because she is one of the coolest people ive ever met on my mission! so were going to be going with her tonight to talk with her again and teach her family! we are hoping that she will be baptized on the 10th of this month! so pray for her and for Luis Angel (her husband)! 

Wilian is doing super well, we went and taught the Word of Wisdom to him and he had been smoking but we put some goals with him so that he can quit and leave it behind, and he is doing super well! hasnt smoked since!! ZAAAA! so were really excited for him! its really cool to see someone who just barely heard about the gospel and just starts to make all these changes in their life and really start to repent, you can just feel and see the difference in them! but the only bad part is....he had to go to his house this week for some paper work for school so he hasnt been here for a few days...but im sure the Lord has been taking of him in this time when we havent been able to see him! we were going to have his baptismal interview yesterday but he wasnt home so were going to try to go tonight to see if we can find him and then we can plan the baptismal service for after the church so that everyone is there and they can all support him! that would be super cool, so we shooting for that today! PRAY FOR HIM! but basically hes doing really well and im way stoked to be able to teach him! ive actually been thinking a lot about that the Lord really trusts me enough to teach His children and help them to be converted to His gospel! its a buig responsibility and sometimes you dont feel good enough, but then when we are working, i really can feel that He is with us!  but we really have to pay the price to be able to have the Lord with us...."And he that sent me is with me: the Father hath not left me alone; for I do always those things that please him." John 8:29. if we are always following Christ, and always doing the things that God asks of us, He will never leave us alone!! what a promise, we can literally have God with us at all times! 

so basically, things are going well right now! we have a few baptisms planned for these upsoming weeks so we need to work a lot harder! because a baptism isnt a baptism....until they are baptized! haha. trust me, lots of things can happen in the days leading up to the baptism! ha. 

but i love you all, im happy for you and im glad that you are all happy! STOKED!!!!

Elder Johnson

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