Saturday, February 25, 2012


So what up fam!

How's everyone doing?? I sure hope that everything is going well with all the new changes! I never thought that I would return to a different house! That's so wild to me! haha. But just so you know, I'm happy with it and I'm excited for you all! and thanks for sending the pics, I wanted to see it super bad!

So this week has been a busy but good week! We are seeing a lot of progression with Wilian so we are super super stoked for him! We actually had a small but really cool experience with him just yesterday....we had an appointment with him at 6:30 at night so we were headed over there. He lives on a super super big hill that we have to climb every time we go there, it really is one of the steepest hills I've ever seen! Anyway, we get to the hill and my companion just starts to run up the hill as fast as he I we're running up this hill just dead tired and we get to the top and we see him and his cousin Jorge about to turn the corner and head off to hang out with their friends, but we got there just in time to talk with him! We started to ask him a couple things about if he has been reading and if he was still excited to go to church on Sunday, and he told us that he is reading every day and that he really knows that it is true!!!  But the cool part is, is that if we hadn't run up the hill, we wouldn't have seen them and we would have missed an awesome opportunity to help him progress and excite him more to keep praying and go to church! We invited him to Mutual and he says he wants to go super bad...because he doesn't know too many people in the church so he still feels a little uncomfartable when he goes. So my companion and I were thinking of something we could do to help him, so we prayed and were thinking....and the name of Luis came to my mind (he is a priest who has the same age as Wilian)...he is kind of a quiet kid who doesnt talk too much, but I knew we needed to talk to him and get his help with Wilian!! So we went to his house the other night and started talking with him...and then I told him "the Lord needs you right now" and he asks me why. So I told him that we we're teaching a kid with the same age as him and that we needed his help to teach and to help Wilian go to church! And the first thing he says to us is "I don't think I'm the best person to help you guys.....there are a lot more priests that can help you" I looked him in the eye ball and testified to him that this is the work of the Lord and that He needs his help right now!  The next thing he says to us was "ok, I'm gonna do it...I'll help!"  We were so excited for him and for Wilian! I just know that he is going to be able to help Wilian so much...just by inviting him to church and helping him to get there!  I really have a big testimony of the need for the members in this work...they make all the difference in just a BAPTISM, and an actual CONVERT to the gospel of Jesus Christ!  They really are necessary in the process of conversion!  This work is pretty cool!!

Also, we had SEMINARIO this's basically like a meeting for leaders and future leaders in the mission and I got invited to go and it was so awesome! I got to learn so many things on how to be an effective leader and help others to be the best that they can be! I learned something super interesting that Presidente CantĂș said....he told us "you as a leader are only as good as your district is...or zone...or children" he said that a leader is someone that helps others to be the best that they can be and in the process we become better ourselves! "this is my work and my bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man" Moses 3:19....Gods glory comes through our progression....or God progresses as we progress!  Cool stuff! God really does want us to progress and that is why he has given us all the material we need to do it....scriptures, manuals, prophets etc....but he doesn't give us all the answers laid out perfect for is our job to read and study and recieve the revelation necessary for us to progress! love it.

But bascically things are going well right now, we are going to be starting off March super well so we are really excited for that! But basically thats all for this week....I love you all more than you know, and I'm super happy for each and every one of you!  Always remember to pray and seek guidance from the Lord!

love you all,

Elder Johnson

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