Saturday, February 4, 2012



Hello this week was SUPER AWESOME!  Elder Vazquez left the offices and my new companion is Elder Morales!  He is the new Elder that just came into the offices, he has about 3 months in the mission so he is pretty new...but he is super cool!  We were talking the other night and we realized that we have a lot in common so it's really fun to be able to talk with him about all the things that we like to do!  We have been working super hard this week so that we can start to see miracles in the area...and WE SAW MIRACLES!  Cool stuff.  We went with our new investigator Mari and planned out a sweet lesson where we were going to read a chapter in the Book of Mormon with her, so we were super excited to go teach her.  We got there and started to teach and we could feel the spirit...we had planned beforehand that we were going to challenge her to be baptized....and so we were at the end of the chapter and we started to talk a little bit about baptism and we could tell that she still was a little timid on the subject of baptism, but we didn't lose our faith, we knew that we had planned ahead of time to challenge her and that it was inspired of the Elder Morales started to talk about the atonement of Jesus Christ and that it is through Him that we can be made clean of our sins....and the only thing that He asks of us in return is that we 1. have faith in Him 2. repent of our sins 3.  be BAPTISED by immersion 4. recieve the Holy Ghost and 5. keep His commandmets FOREVER!  The spirit just filled the room and we knew the we needed to challenge her in that we challenged her and she accepted to be baptized on the 18 of February!  We are super excited for her!  She just needs to keep reading in the Book of Mormon and gain a stronger testimony of the gospel...and if she does, she is going to be soo awesome in the church!  I know that she really will recieve the most happiness she has ever felt if she will do the simple things that God asks us to do!!

Also, I'm pretty sure the coolest thing ever happened yesterday!!  We went to go visit Claire at her house and she wasn't there...but her dad was across the street unloading a couple things from his work car so we went over and offered our help....and he says to us...."Elders, I want Claire to get baptised, we want her baptismal date to be the 11th of this month.................................................................................................. WHATTTTTT!!!!!!!!!! no way!!!  I can't even tell you how happy I was when he said that to us!!  Do you remember when my call came in the mail??  It was something like that, but even happier!!  I couldn't believe that the Lord just blessed us with that tender mercy in that moment!  I am soooo happy for Claire it's unbelievable!  We have been really working super hard with her  on her goals and making sure that she is doing everything she can to do them....and look what happened!!  I really can't even believe it!  Elder Morales and I are super happy right now and super grateful to the Lord that he has blessed us with the opportunity that we have to teach this AWESOME girl!  I'm dead serious when I say that she is going to be a SICK sister missionary someday!  STOKED!  haha.

Anyway, that's the Miracle of the week...even though there are so many more but I don't have time to tell them all! Just know that the Lord really does bless us when we love his children and do all that we can to help them progress in this life!  "If we do not lose oursleves in the service of others, there is no purpose to this life."  Thomas S. Monson.  love love love it!

I love you all so much and am so glad to hear that everything is doing so awesome!  Wish Court good luck for me at State....and tell Dillon to get off the couch and go read Preach My Gospel or something!!  haha.  I love you all so much!

Elder Johnson

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