Saturday, January 28, 2012


hey hey hey hey hey hey!!!

What's up family! I don't know if you all knew this....but I love you all!

Thank you to everyone who sent a cyber b day shoutout! haha.  It really has been a super good week!  Mariana should be getting baptized this upcoming week, so we're super excited for her!  She has had a couple of doubts and it's been difficult at times, but it's always so awesome to be able to help someone through their doubts, and then just see the light come into them and they understand it!  So we are still working with Mariana, she has been a little bit hard to find this past week or so, but she is still super stoked about her baptism!  Also, we found an AWESOME family this week, their names are Consuelo, Yatsiri and Gisela!  Consuelo is the mom and she has gone to church quite a bit, but has never really wanted to talk with the missionaries, let alone be baptized....but we talked to her this last week at church and she wanted to talk with us, so we went and visited them and taught a little bit....and it was so awesome! They opened up a lot and are a lot more excited!  We are hoping that we will be able to help them to be baptized as a whole family....that would be so awesome! So we're pretty excited about them!  Also, the members are like super stoked right now in these two wards!  We have been going with the members and sharing a message about love and service and they are really excited to do service for all of their neighbors....and throughout the week, the members have been giving us references, instead of us asking for them!! It's so cool to see that the spirit really has touched their hearts and everyone is working together! We are hoping we can see more and more progression with everyone!

As for the offices.....pure stress!! haha. There is so much work that we are doing right now, so I'm trying to learn how to better organize myself so that  I can work a lot more effective and faster here in the offices!  It's been a good learning experience, but not an easy one!  I have been praying a lot for the Lord to help me better organize myself....also that He would give me the ability to be able to think about the offices and about all the needs of my investigators also....and I have seen His help a lot this week!  The spirit really does help us here and the Lord knows what talents we have, we just need to develop them and flourish them!  I hope that I can continue to progress, that way I can be a more effective missionary!!

Also, I received the packages with the gloves and with the sweaters!  Thank you so much by the way!  But still no sign of the other one...I'm sure it will be getting here soon!  No worries!

Tell my boiii trev that I say thanks for the b day shoutout from ARGENTINA! TC.

love you all so much!

Elder Johnson

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