Saturday, January 21, 2012


sup yo HI!
Hello family! This week has been one of the craziest weeks of my entire life! No joke, with Elder Larkin leaving and me being on my own here in the offices managing all of the money of the mission....I've been a little bit overwhelmed! haha. We also opened up three new areas this week...which means 3 new houses...which means I need to buy stuff for them and make sure they have their deposit and rent and everything! Basically, it's pretty stressful! haha. But I really am loving it, the days go by soo fast!! I can't believe how fast time goes here in the offices.
Anyway, Mariana is still way excited! We're still working with Luis Angel....little by little I'm sure he is going to start accepting!  He just really needs to come to church, because he has been to so many of the activities of the church but never has gone to an actual sacrament meeting and I'm positive that would help him so much to realize that it has been the spirit that he has been feeling the whole time and that it is something GOOD and TRUE!!!! I love those small and simple things that help us to find the just takes a little effort on our part!  We haven't seen Lupita in a little while, we kinda moved on for a little while from's kinda weird, because sometimes the best thing you can do for your leave them for a little while....they really need to be able to feel the difference of when we were coming and teaching and they were feeling the spirit...from when we are not there and the spirit is not nearly as strong! We truly are the happiest when we are learning about the gospel and more when we are LIVING it!!! And sometimes, it just takes that realization that the gospel really is what they need in their lives! And Claire´s dad still just isn't budging....I don't know what is up, but I know that girl needs to be baptized! She is so ready it's unbelievable...she just needs the permission from her parents!

I'm hoping this week will be a lot less busy with office work, and more busy with MISSIONARY WORK!!! I really want to get out there and find new people and see miracles and watch peoples lives change instead of looking at a computer screen change all day!! hahahaha.  That's a joke, I love the offices...but it's kinda hard when we get swamped, like this week with other kind of work....haha.  It's just weird because when I was thinking about the mission....before my mission.....I thought that I was not gonna have to worry about any kind of money whatsoever...and now look at me, worrying more about money than I ever have in my entire life...what's up with that!!! haha.  I'm learning a ton though, so that's super good...before the mish, I didnt know too much about money or how to deal with it, but now I feel like I've learned a lot and hope that I can keep learning, that way I can put it into practice after my mission!

I didnt get a chance to take too many photos this week, so I don't think I'll have any, but this upcoming week....I'll try to get some sent!

Also, I got the packages!!!! whooooohooooo! Thank you so much for everything, honestly!

Anyway, I'll catch you all on the flip side....l8r!

Elder Johnson

p.s. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

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