Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gnars. Bars.

Whats up my family!
So things are going super super well here right now!!
Elder Larkin and I are just killin it out here! I really have never felt so united with someone before, like companion wise! He really is one of my best friends and I love him!  Anyway, Lupita didn't get baptized this week because we haven't been able to find her this whole week and get her excited.....or even just talk to her! haha. But thats ok, she just gets a little nervous sometimes when it comes to the whole baptism thing! But we did find some super super sweet investigators who are just super stoked about the church! Their names are Luis Angel and Marianna....they are both 19 years old and they just got MARRIED! haha. They actually got married on Christmas day, which is super cool and we went and taught Luis Angel and he was just super happy, because he knew that God was happy that he was completing with the commandments! And so we taught him and it was awesome and then we went back a few days later and found his wife....Marianna!  She is super awesome, she has family that are members and she has been to church a couple of times and she says that she really likes the church and wants to learn more and keep going! suuhweeet! Also, Luis Angel´s best friend is on a mission in Chile right now so he has been to church and he goes to mutual every single thursday here! They both really like the church a lot, the only problem is....the mom of Luis Angel isn't too fond of them going to church and the whole deal.... but thats ok!  I know the Lord can soften her heart if we pray a lot and have enough faith! We are hoping a lot that they will continue to progress and be able to go to church and then.....GET BAPTIZED!  Elder Larkin and I are really excited to teach them about the temples and that they can be sealed together for eternity!!!!!!  Also, Claire is still doing super well! Her dad said that she will probably be able to be baptized in these next we'll see what happens with that, but we are really excited for her, because she has such a strong testimony and wants to be baptized SO bad! 
This change has gone by soo fast it's unbelievable! I can't believe that Elder Larkin is going to be leaving in like a week!  I'm kinda sad, just because we are like best friends and I love working with him...but thats ok!  He's gonna go kill it in another area and my companion and I are gonna kill it here! So no big deal!
Right now in the offices, we have been super busy!! We had a couple elders in here this broke his foot and the other has super bad back problems and can hardly walk, so he was getting some x rays and stuffs like that! It's weird to think that I'm gonna be on my own in here in the offices doing my work as the financial secretary in just 1 week! I have a feeling that I'm gonna be having to call Elder Larkin to ask him a few questions if I get lost! hahaha. I feel like I've got almost everything down pretty well, so we'll see! haha.
But other than that, this week has been pretty calm!  I am learning so much it's crazy! I can feel my testimony growing every single day, and I know the Lord is just preparing me more and more every single day to be a better person and become more like His Son! lovin it!
Anyway, the mission is the greatest thing in the whole world! Dillon and better be getting yourselves ready to get out here and teach the Gospel! haha. I love you all so much, keep up all the good work back at home, and know that I love each and errrr one of you!
l8r sk8r,
Elder Johnson

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