Saturday, February 18, 2012


Family that I love so dearly!!

Sorry for the delay on the letter...sometimes we get bombed with other stuff we need to do on p-days, but it's aight.

But CONGRATS on cheer Court! WHOOO, that's so awesome that you got 3rd place! stuhhoked! haha. And congrats everyone else for being the awesome people that I love so very much! ha. Thanks for being awesome, no joke. I'm so glad to hear that things are going SUPER well back home, just remember that we can always be better!!! That's the beauty of Gods that we can ALWAYS be better! We need to constantly be kneeling in prayer asking for guidance on what MORE can we do! "Wake up, and do something more than dream of your mansions above"....I really love that hymn a always reminds that when I'm feeling tired, worn out, or even lazy sometimes....I try to remember that phrase...."WAKE UP!!" haha.

Anyway, the work is going super well right now!! We are super excited for all of our investigators and we are starting to work a lot more with the ward and I feel like we are going to be seeing a lot more progression in these upcoming weeks! We just got to keep working hard, and constantly be finding the people that are ready to hear this gospel....then help them to feel and recognize the sprit, be baptized by someone who really does have the authority of God here on the earth....and then they will have the spirit with them to help others come unto Christ!! WHOO, this work is awesome! It's just like a lot of happiness, true happiness...something that you can't find anywhere else!

We had a super cool experience this week with someone named Emeterio! The name first off is awesome, but moving past that....haha. We were teaching an inactive family as part of the plan 5 5 5...don't know if you've heard of it...or are doing it? But it's cool, and it's inspired! haha. But we were teaching this family, and they have family members that are non-members that we didnt know about at first...but then we were talking with one of the members afterward and they mentioned that there were 2 people living in the house that weren't members, and said that they were interested in the church! This one member had talked with them a little bit and had invited them to talk with us (the missionaries) and they said OK!  We went over the next day and they were there and we had an awesome lesson with everyone! We invited them to come to church and they said they would come....then we invited them to be baptized and they said that they will if they read and pray and feel that it is true! It was super cool to see the success that comes from working with the members!  We just hope that they will make the choice to read and pray!! haha.

Also, we found an AWESOME investigator who just moved into the area a couple weeks ago!  He moved here from a place that is right on the border of Mexico and Arizona to right here in our area to go to school here! He is living with his family (cousins and aunts) who are members of the church, but at the time aren't super super active. But we went with them and taught a lesson...also part of the plan 555....solid plan right?? But we went and taught and they came to church and brought along with them Wilian!  He is 16 years old and just a super awesome kid.  We went back to teach him and he was super stoked to talk with us....we taught an awesome lesson and invited him to be baptized and HE ACCEPTED!  At the end of the lesson...we invited him to say the final prayer and he accepted to do it, we kneeled down and he began to the end of the prayer the spirit was so strong in that room it was unbelievable....then he says to us.....can you feel that??  And we said what? He said, I feel really happy and good!! WHATTT!!!!  We felt the spirit so strong!  Then we talked with his cousin (Jorge) who is a convert of about a year who has the priesthood and is a priest, and asked him if he would like to baptize his cousin and he was SO STOKED to do it, and we got the permission of the bishop! So that's going to help Wilian out a ton, just always having that support with him in the house!  So we are really excited for the both of them!  He will be getting baptized on March 3rd! Then Claire on March 5th!  Also, we are hoping that Consuelo and her daughters will be getting baptized this next Saturday!   So we need some serious prayers out here in Culiacan! The Lord is blessing us a lot right now, and I feel like I need to show my gratitude to Him by working even harder!

The Lord loves us, we are all His sons and daughters!  We need to always pray to Him and ask Him to strengthen us in our trials....and if we do, He will always come through!  This work is awesome...I wish I could describe it better, but it truly is just cool! haha.

I love you all a lot!  It's wierd that even though I'm further away from you all than I've ever been and for the longest period of time...I feel like my love has grown so much for each and every single one of you!  Keep grindin it out err day! Love you.

Elder Johnson

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