Saturday, March 10, 2012


hello hello hello!! 

So this week was SUPER AWESOME!  I'm seriously super stoked right now!  It honestly has been a tough week but a great one....don't know how that works out, but it does!  I just feel like after a week where you just work super hard and even though it was the end, everything was so worth it and you see the fruits of your hard work! anywayzzz.....CLAIRE GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whoooohooooo!  It was soo awesome!  I put some pictures of the baptism so that you can see!  There was a super good turn out of members that came and supported Claire and Kebnahul!  We felt the spirit so strong in the baptismal service!  I think one of the coolest parts of the whole thing was that we asked Claires mom to bear her testimony and she was super super nervous at first when we asked her to do it, but then she told us that she would and so we were super excited because we knew that it would be awesome for Claire to hear her mom bear her testimony...and even cooler if it was in SPANISH!! haha. So we were in the baptismal service and it came time for her to give her testimony and she looked really nervous at first, but then when she started, it went super well...then she started to get emotional and you could really just feel the love that she has for her daughter!  I'm sure it was an awesome experience for the 2 of them!!  But then everything else just went super well!  There were no porblems and even a couple of investigators from the other elders came and had an awesome experience being able to see a baptism for the first time!  There really is a special spirit when the ordenances of God are performed...thats why it is soo important that our investigators come to church and have the opportunity to partake of the sacrament and really feel the spirit that is in the room!  It basically makes all difference!  I always think back on my younger days before the mission and how they always asked us to invite people to come to church with us, but I never really wanted to do it....errr....haha....well now I understand why it is so important that we give people the opportunity to come and see! Just like Jesus always said..."come and see" John 1:39.  But overall, the baptism was awesome and I can't even tell you how happy Claire was afterward! She was just bouncing off the walls and now she cant stop talking about being a missionary someday!! hahaha. Shes an awesome girl who is going to help a lot of people! 

Also, Wilian is doing super well!  We have been visiting him to check how he is doing with the cigarettes and he is improving a ton! Even though sometimes he slips up I can really see that he wants to change! I'm sure its not as easy as I think it is....we just really have to love him and help him keep progressing and building his faith in Christ! I have found that that really is the best way to help people overcome addictions of any type, is help them build their faith in Christ because everything we do is based on our love for Him and for God!  I'm so glad to see that he continues to progress and we are doing everything we can to help him on his path to the waters of baptism!! STUHOOKED!! 

Oh, by the way....this last Sunday was the craziest day of my life! Our first sacrament meeting ends at 11 oclock and the next one starts at 12....we wanted to go look for a couple of our investigators in between and go to church together! So we left at around 11:15 and its about 10-15 min away so we left RUNNING!  Literally we were running through the streets to go find our investigators and we couldnt find anyone.....they were all out of their houses.....BUMMER!  So we ran back to church and got there and Ricardo was in church just chillin!  I know that the Lord blessed us that day because we really did put in the effort! He is progressing super well and is super stoked for his baptism this week! WHOOO!! 

Basically a solid week! I love ya fam, you really mean the world to me and I'm so grateful for each and every one of you! 


Elder Johnson

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