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I'm so glad to hear that everything is going well with the move! and I hear that my new room is getting a little bit of use before I get there! haha. Anyway, thats cool that you got to know a little bit of the ward. By the way, I know almost every single one of the elders that you mentioned! haha. They are all super solid guys who I'm sure are all progressing a ton and learning a lot in the mission....because that really is what happens out here....we learn sooo much and I can't even describe how much I have progressed as a person!  I'm really excited to be able to see everyone when we're all back and just see the difference that the mission has made in everyone! But that day is still far off and I've got a lot more progressing and work to do! haha.  It's so cool to think that I've had a year in the mission and how much I've grown as a person and I still have another year to progress even more! EXCITING stuff! 

So we've got news here in the offices....Elder Running got changed out of the offices and Elder Nordfelt came in! I'll be training him to be the new Financial Secretary, so thats pretty cool, but I'm gonna miss Elder Running...he's a cool guy!  Elder Nordfelt and I are the district leaders now here in the offices so I'm excited to learn a lot of new things and try to help the elders in my district be the best missionaries that they can be! Other than that, the offices are treatin me well....I've finally got basically everything down now....just in time to leave and pass it off to Elder Nordfelt! haha. Does that always happen in life or is that just here in the mission?? Just when you get comfortable with something....everything changes!! haha. 

Anyway, we found a couple new people this week named Dulce and Ricardo! They are a pretty young couple, and they are both way cool!  We found them walking down the street one day and Ricardo was working on his car so we offered our help and we started to talk and he actually had a couple of questions for us. We made an appointment to go back to his house and teach them! So we went to their house one was actually the store they have out front of their house and met Ducle...she is way cool, we talked with her a little bit and she also had a couple of questions for us! We actually talked for a pretty long time about a lot of random things, but then we began to teach her a little bit about the restoration and she seemed way interested...I got a SUPER strong feeling that I should give her a Book of Mormon...the words came to my mind...."give her a Book of Mormon, she WILL read it!" so I took out a Book of Mormon from my backpack and started to explain it a little bit. I gave it to her and she started to flip through its pages and just seemed super interested!  I know that she felt the spirit when she had the Book of Mormon in her was one of those "I need to read this" moments!  It was super cool to see the spirit work in her heart in that moment!  But anyway, we went back the next day to see if she had read and she had already read through 1 Nephi 8!  I know its not one of those "my investigator read the whole Book of Mormon in one day" experiences...haha....but it was still super super cool to see that the prompting that I had from the Holy Ghost to give her a Book of Mormon was REAL, and it happened! Our next appointment with her is tomorrow so well see what happens from here on out, but we need a lot of prayers for her and her husband! 

But eveything is going super well here in MEXICO!  We are super excited to get out and work and see miracles!  The Holy Spirit really does whisper to us, we just always have to be ready to recieve it!  The Holy Ghost will teach us all things if we let him teach us!  Be humble and be teachable, always receptive to those little whisperings of the spirit leading us in the direction that we need to go!! 

I love you all, and I hope that all is well! keep safe and know that I love you! 

Elder Johnson

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