Sunday, May 1, 2011

Letter From President Cantu

Letter Elder Johnson received before leaving the MTC from President Cantu, the Mission President of Culiacan, Mexico.  I've translated it into English...sort of.

May Heaven!
Elders and Sisters! We are in a very special moment in Miracles, we had about 50 confirmations in our first week of May, we have almost another 50 planned for the second, we can achieve in these five weeks that a blessing on our mission is fulfilled and break a record more 15 189 years in August we now can achieve much more than the 200 and so we could do it a second time, as long as all do our part and continue finding those elected in each of our area, we find in this week will be baptized in the last month, we can not give up, do not let discouragement Aque or the likelihood that they will have a change prevents them from finding many more new researchers in this week and those that follow, you have the latest word! Remember this time will never come back! never forget that made history! Come for a month of May Heavenly! If we all come to this view all areas chosen way, and send them out of here, and not when they are appointed day or so, should make clear on this earth as if they were to live there many years and of benefit them. We are here for the love of father and successfully selected and go! We thank you all for your fast and invite those who did not join our purpose to baptize each week together as a mission and made her fast. Yesterday we started all the mission to study a chapter book of mormon newspaper and a section of d & c per day, so we are all studying together and seeking revelation and mission of these appointments, this should be a time of study personal, if you are already studying these books please start again with the rest of us! With love and admiration, Pte Cantu

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