Thursday, April 28, 2011


Yo what up hey hi hola,
First things first, HAPPY B DAY DEALIO!
Second things second, i got my VISA!!! what stoked its unbelievable! headed to Mexico in 11 days! cuhhraze.
third things third, our schedule got changed and my p-day is on thursday watch out for dem cyber mails comin on thursday for the next couple.
fourth things fourth, 2 apostles have come here and spoken to us! whatttt??? no way you say....well i say yes, its true, we are truly blessed here as missionaries!
Puppies again? thats so wild, get dat money! ha. tino is a machine! no joke.
Oh yeah, whats up with this girl that trevs all trippin over?? haha
But im glad to hear that court and dillon are doing good in school! for real, thats so good to hear! keep it up you two! and to courtney...keep up the good work on cheer, i know you'll do great! and to dillon, thats so sweet that your getting out there and running...ha. get dem girls.
I gotta see pics of my nephew! im so stoked that things are going well with the baby! thats a solid future missionary right there! ha.
But to answer your question about andrew, i see him everyday! haha. its so cool being able to see andrew and christian every day! but tell all those guys back home to prepare ASAP! no joke, the Lord needs them to prepare!
We are learning so much here, and we get better at Spanish every day! We have learned everything we need to know to be fluent, its just a matter of putting it into practice and getting it down! ha. not so easy!
I love you all and our family is truly blessed with so much! we need to give back to the Lord in all things, because we are truly indebted to him! love the lord with all your heart and be diligent in all things!
con amor,
Elder Johnson

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