Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Mi familia Eterna,
So first of all, i thought id let you know that....Richard G. Scott came and spoke to us!! oh man, that was the most spiritual meeting i've ever had the opportunity of being a part of! He basically covered everything you can think of so it was a lot to take in but I was loving every second of it! I learned that what makes a good teacher is one that lets the spirit teach...and that is definitely what he does! I was just sitting there taking it all in and i learned so much! and then, in the middle of his talk, he paused...and then he says to us..."i am going to use my apostalic power at this time, and bless all of you with the gift of tongues." UNREAL! i cant even tell you the spirit that absolutely flooded the room at that moment! It was great. At the end of his talk, he bore the most powerful testimony i've ever heard in my entire life...he said, "as an apostle of Jesus Christ, I dont believe that Jesus Chris has a glorified and resurrected body....I KNOW that Jesus Christ has a glorified and resurrected body!" at that moment, the Spirit bore solemn witness to me of the divine power in which he and all other prophets of the Church excercise and hold sacred that special calling! Good stuffzzz.
Anyway, that was the crazy cool experience of the week. But now i want to let you (my family) know how proud I am of all of you! My teacher sat me down for an interview a couple days ago and asked me how my family back at home was....I was honored and blessed to be able to say that they are doing better than ever!! i truly know that what you are doing is the work of the Lord and he will bless you so abundantly! He truly is our Father in heaven and we are his children! dont take that simple truth for granted!
I do not have my visa yet...sad to say. But i know that the Lord's plan is perfect and that whatever happens, it is the will of the Lord! We just had a missionary leave today for Peru, Arequipa...same mission as Elder Perkinson! ha. miss that guy (elder).
I love you all and keep up all the good work!
Con Amor,
Elder Johnson

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