Wednesday, April 6, 2011


yoyoyo famm,
AHHHH the MTC is soooo terrible.........................................jk. It's so great! ha. but really, the MTC is honestly the best place in the world. no joke.
Anyway, it was really good to hear from everyone! Oh, and about the package...soooo great! Truly made my day! ha. so stoke on the yo yo and especially the photo album, whoever chose what pics to put in, WELL DONE! i love all those pics of our family! and i got some good memories in there, so thank you soo much for that!
Im gonna have to write a letter with all my passwords and junkk...cuz i cant think of all of them off the top of my head at the moment! ha. but i will try to think of all them cuz that was a really good idea.
So i have the funniest thing to tell all of comp was an UNDERWEAR MODEL before his mission!!! hahahahahahahahahaha. How funny is that! at first i didnt believe him but then he has the brand of underwear that he modeled for with him and i was laughing for honestly 2 days straight! haha. oh man, funniest thing of all time. Thats my humor for the week!
Conference was so Gnar-leigh! im glad that you all watched it! but make sure that you get a chance to watch all of the sessions and really pay attention to what the spirit is telling you to do. each talk has something that we can learn from good!! It was such a cool experience being able to watch in a room where all the missionaries in the MTC are just super focused and have the spirit with them. as Brock King would say..."consider the spiritual bomb dropped!" ha. love that guy. anyway, we are soo blessed to have a propet of God on the earth today to lead and guide us exactly where we need to go...which in this case is THE TEMPLE! go to the temple as much as you possibly can, theres no better place to feel the spirit and recieve revelation than at the temple! It will bless you so much if you make an honest effort to attend as much as possible! i wish we could go every single day here in the MTC but i guess ill take once. ha. 
Any chance you get, share the gospel...testify of Christ and why you love him so an example always! Express to God what you are thankful for each day. As you do, you will have a greater desire to serve him and serve his children. God loves all his children so much and everyone needs the gospel! dont be selfish with your testimony and the hope that is in you! The Lord has commanded that we share the gospel, and he will provide a way for you to do that! be aware of the spiritual promptings that you recieve throughout the day and be obedient enough to follow them!
I love you all so much, keep up the good work!
con amor,
Elder Johnson

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