Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Yo Yo, what up famm.
First of all, i definitely forgot to send that memory card in the letter to Mom and i said i did in the just ignore that! haha. Ill send it in a letter to Jess or court or something! ha. MTC life is something else ill tell you what...we are in class anywhere from 10-12 hours every single day! its cuuhhrazzyy! I have learned soo much here, i cant even begin to tell you how much everything about the gospel just...makes sense!! its so great to be able to read the scriptures all day long! it gets tough somethimes to stay busy and stay working, but when i do the Lord just pours blessings upon us. i know it will be the same for you!
By the way, the food here is something district farts so much its honestly ridiculous! ha. I'm, already soo sick of the food, so keep sending good stuff! ha. Also, i really want a yo-yo....wierd i know, but i really want one! ha. Oh, and pictures of  the fammm and stuff like that! Maybe some...sour patch kids?? haha. i have really been craving those lately! it was so funny the other day, we were sitting in class and i had the fattest craving for a powerade slush from sonic...i dont know what came over me but if there is one thing that i have really missed a ton, its powerade slushes! ha. i brought it up to everyone, and all we could think about for like 15 minutes was powerade slushes! ha. ooh, also...air fresheners!!! like scented things that will make my room smell good, that would do wonders! ha. other than that, if you can think of anything cool to send, i would love it!
Anyway, everything is well here at the MTC. tell my girls i say whats upp. but let them know that the mailbox isnt big enough for all of their letters so theyre gonna have to cut down a little bit! dont get me wrong, i love it...its just overbearing sometimes. Tell all M' Gents i say hi too, and tell trev to stay out of the pantry! ha. love you trev. Anyway, i love all of you and i know the Lord is blessing our family so much at this time! listen to the whisperings of the spirit and have courage to follow it's promptings! yo-yo, sour patch kids, pics, and cool gadgets that are simple yet fun. love you all. Follow the gospel of Christ, 2 nep 31. read it. good stuff.
Con Amor,
Elder Johnson

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