Wednesday, April 13, 2011


fam ill e,
Hey hey hey errryone! So this week was soo good...i might have a short email today...lo siento! ha.
So I feel impressed just to express my love for each one of you today!
First of all MOM! I cant even begin to describe what a strength you have been to me and continue to be to me! I have seen that you are doing what you need to to serve the Lord and it truly makes me so happy to know that my family back home is so strong and that the spirit is influencing you all for good and that you are following the impressions that you are recieving! Mom, have the strength to share the gospel, the Lord wants us to share his gospel with the whole world and he promises that he will be on your rightn hand and on your left as you share the gospel with his children! I love you so much Mom! thank you for all that you do for our family!
Chris, im so glad that i am able to have you in my life! I truly would not have it any other way. I know that sometimes i was lazy and VERY immature about a lot of things but i want to let you know that youi truly had and have such a great impact on me! you work so hard in all that you do and it truly inspires others to do their best every day. You have always been one of the most happy, optmistic and selfless people in this world and people notice, it is something that is very contagious. I love you so much and i thank you everything that you have done for me!
Courtney, I love you. you are such a strenth to our family! you are always striving to do what's right! keep up the good work and stay close to the Lord! he will bless you as you strive to do what's right!
Dillon, Oh man! we have always been so close! i remember that time we took you to the cabin with all of my friends and just remember how much fun we had! ha. I truly do love you so much Dillon! and i know the Lord loves and wants you to become just like His son Jesus Christ! Make highschool fun and work hard!
Jess! I LOVE YOU!! fo real. ha. You have gotten me through a lot of hard times in my life and i can honestly say that you are my best friend! truly. I love you so much! You have the opportunity to bring one of God's children into this earth and partake of all the saving ordinances that God has prepared for each of us! nothing better than that! you are playing a vital role in Heavenly Father's plan for each one of His children! such a great blessing! I love you so much!
Anybody else that has had an impact in my life! I have been blessed wayyy too much with good friends and good influences around me! I love you all, know that everything that you said that was kind (even if it was simple) prepared me for my mission and prepared me to share God's love with the people of Mexico, or anybody else that the Lord might put in my path! I truly have felt God's love for each one of his children, and i know that he wants the best for all of us, and that is that we may dwell with him some day in Glory and exhaltation!
I love you all! And I plead with you to stay close to the Lord, because Satan truly is attacking families right now, but as we stick together and as we heed to the counsel of our prophet, which ios to attend the temple we will be blessed with strength to overcome any temptation!
con amor,
Elder Johnson

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