Monday, May 30, 2011

Gotta Dream Big!

soo ¡Que Rollo! Fam ill e ahh!
We had a SUPER good week this week, the Lord has blessed us so much for our hard work here in Rosario! First of all, Gladis and Melissa both got baptized but Clayra bailed literally right when we got to the was super hard, because she backed out and the the two other girls were just super sad and just were not excited to be baptized...satan was working SUPER hard to prevent these baptisms! We were just praying super hard that things would turn around and the everything would work out in the end, and it was super difficult right up until we were in the water ready to baptize them and then it was a super special experience for me, because right when we were about to say the prayer, everything just got super calm...the spirit just filled everyone that was there and we had an AWESOME service! my companion Elder Ball baptized Melissa and i got to baptize Gladis! it was super cool and an experience ill never forget!
So all week, we had been planning an activity for the Branch and we were going to watch a movie (Joseph Smith: prophet of the Restoration) and have quesadillas! we were telling so many people about and just trying to get as many people to come as possible! We actually went into an Oxxo (gas station here in Mexico) and we were buying our things and the cashier, who we had never seen before, asked us about the activity and knew exactly what we were doing there and everything! haha. the Lord is super aware of the progress here in Rosario! So were getting all prepared for the activity and we were going to have it right after the baptism and everything was all ready and we were getting stoked cuz we thought it was going to be a solid activity. but it wasnt everything we thought it was going to be...............errrrr. IT WAS BETTER!! hahaha. 65 people showed up to this activity!! to put that into prespecive for you, Rosario has NEVER in its entire history had that many people show up to anything church related at all! in fact, not even close to that amount! It was one of the funnest days of my entire life! everyone was super excited to be there and we could just see the branch here in Rosario growing so quickly! i wish i could express through this email how significant this is and how excited we are to be apart of this great work that the Lord has for the people here! it was so great and we are expecting to keep growing! were gonna have a ward so soon here...and a temple???? ha...gotta dream big!
ok, cool experience right hurrr. so we went to zone conference this past friday and President Hoyos spoke to us (the first counselor of Mexico) and it was super good!! it was a little tough to understand everything because the whole thing was in spanish but i got the jist (excuse the spelling) of it. he spoke about how we need to be talking to EVERYONE, because we have the truth and everyone needs what we have! and just imagine this....4 missionaries, and 1 big city with a ton of people...¡Sauce! (that means wow here! ha). we havent even contacted 5% of Rosario and were already seeing so much progress. anyway, his talk was super powerful and my companion and I both just said to eachother...we need to do exactly what he is we did! Yesterday, we were leaving our house and we saw a guy sitting out front of his house filling a bucket to bathe himself and we knew we needed to talk to him so we walked over and he was a 19 year old kid named Marcos and he was going to school here and living on his own! I started to talk to him and i asked him if he had seen us before and he said he sees us everyday (he lives super close to us) and i then asked him if he has ever wondered what we are doing everyday and he said yeah...I actually always wonder who your are going to talk to because i have always wanted to talk to you to figure out what you do! WHAATT! (by the way, President Hoyos made a promise that if we are talking to everyone and following the spirit that this exact situation would happen)! He was a golden investigator who the Lord prepared so much to talk to us and accept this message! He has a baptismal date for the 16th of June and is way excited! It was a very special and spiritual experiene for me! oh and also, i told him the beginning i had only been out for about a month and then in the middle of the lesson...he stopped me and said that it was IMPOSSIBLE that i had only been in Mexico for 4 months...he kept just saying that it was impossible that im already speaking as well as i am...i kid you not, the Lord is blessing me SOO much here, he is literally putting words into my mouth as i speak to the people that he has prepared for me! I have such a strong testimony of the Love that our Father in Heaven has for his children now, because he is able to put words into my mouth, in spanish, to help others feel of the Love that he has for them! I can honestly say that after a lesson, i have no clue how i got through that and was able to express my feelings to these people in spanish! The Lord truly wants his children to return to live with him! its super hard to express through an email how i truly feel and how much all these experiences mean to me, and also how much they are shaping the person i am becoming!
so ive got bad news....i brought my camera today to send pictures, but.....i forgot the cord to plug it into the computer! haha. i feel horrible cuz i know you want pics and i want to send you pics so you can get a feel of what i am doing every day! i PROMISE next week! ha.
I truly love you all!
con amor,

Elder Johnson

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