Monday, June 6, 2011

I Was Chosen To Do The "Spraying"

Yo suppy hey hey famzill-e
So im sending only a few pics through the cyber-space world cuz they take a while to download but thats alright, im gonna buy a USB card here and put them all on there and send that home then your job is to put them all on the computer and then send it right on back my way! ¿bien? muy bien.
Fam its the wierdest thing....while im writing you, i have a bunch of spanish phrases running through my head that i would normally say and i write it by accident but erase it so you will understand! haha. i guess that means that the language is coming super well! no joke, the Lord is just pouring out blessings upon me so fast and its the greatest thing ive ever experienced, its not me at all....the Lord just needs me to speak spanish and teach His children! But this one is for Jess...I am actually teaching about half the lesson and being able to say just about anything i want to express myself and share my feelings on everything! its way way cool, i thought i would be just trying to throw a quick testimony in at the end of every lesson but its not like that at all, i can actually speak! ha. obviously its tough at some parts and i have trouble teaching a few of the more difficult parts of the lessons, but hey thats alright...patience is key in this work!
Anyway, Clayra got baptized this week!!! WHHAAATTT! super cool verdad?! i was so excited for her, and Elder Cruz baptized her...he's a missionary in the other companionship! were pretty sure she has a crush on out Elder Cruz! ha. but there is a picture of her baptism (she is in white and Melissa and Gladis are both in the picture also, top row...the girl on the bottom is Lupita...she got baptized last week also) GNarS bArS. oh and i forgot top tell you that we baptize in a sack like the one we saw before i left in the pics...i sent pics also! ha. But yeah, the baptism went super well! Roberto is still ballin' as always except for the fact that him and his not quite so wifey arent married yet...errrr. we gotta find his birth certificate (which were having a hard time with) for them to be married...may be a long process...well see! but its fine, were on the Lords time! All other investigators are still SICK WIDIT as ever and im stoked for all of them! ha. 
So funny story of the week!! ok, so we have this couple that we pass every single day and they are homeless and a little older but they are in the same place errday. We invited them to church and we found out that the wife was a member...SICK! so they came to church like 30 minutes early and were just chillin in the back. oh by the way, since ive been here, i have not seen them wear a different pair of clothes...ever! and i see them every day...bottom line, they smell super super bad!! haha. one day, we walked up to them to talk to them and she said "estoy horinando"....."im peeing" hahaha. right there chillin on the side of the street! haha. anyway, these people are chillin in church and the chapel just starts to smell SUPER bad! we had to do something about it but we werent sure what we could do! We decided to go back top the house to get some we grabbed my cologne real quick and went back to the church and it smelled so much worse when we got back! But we were trying to figure out a way that we could spray the cologne without it being super obvious...bascially, i was chosen to do the i went and sat right in front of them and had the cologne in my suitcoat. during the hymn i snuck it into the side pocket of my backpack and made it look like i was looking for something in my backpack...i had to made a coughing sound while i sprayed it so nobody could here it! i did this 4 times throughout sacrament meeting! haha. it was like a secret agent mission where nobody could find out or was super gnarly but i pulled it off and it helpèd a little bit! ha. 
anyway, this week has been super good and im way excited for everyone back at home! sorry i dont wirte any personal emails back, its just that we dont have very much time to do everything and were not really supposed to write anyone else besides the main letter to the fam! but keep them coming i really love to read them all! no joke. 
The pics are just a few of our area and one is with Roberto and his family! enjoy dem.
I love you all, and keep doing what your doing!
oh and what is my dads email because i dont think the one im using is right...! important stuffz.
con amor,
Elder Johnson

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