Monday, June 13, 2011

One Of The Coolest Experiences I've Ever Had

Dear family,
Hey so i dont have much time to write today so im just gonna get straight into one of the coolest experiences ive ever had!
So on thursday we were needing some new people to teach so that we could baptize more...cuz if your not finding, your not baptizing! anyway, we were thinking of where we could go work today to find someone new to we pulled out the map of our area and we were looking at it and i felt that we needed to go to a certain colonia (dont know the word in english) but we wanted to know specifically where to we decided to kneel down and ask the lord where he wanted us to go! so we knelt down and we asked specifically where to go. We looked at the map again and i pointed to a small block on the map and i knew thats exactly where we needed to be. so we got ready and went to work, we walked over to this area...and we turned up this one street and saw a house on the corner and went and knocked on the door....nothing....we knocked again...nothing...we waited for a while and we usually would leave after knocking twice, but something kept us there. finally, someone cracked open the window just enough to say something out and said "que quiere" what do you want? and we just said can we talk to you at your door? and she coming. she came to the door and let us in immediately without us saying anything! We started to talk to her and she asked us who we were and what we do so we explained to her everything. then we started to teach and it went really well, the lesson was super good and so we commited her to be baptized and she accepted! then we had a prayer and we knelt down to pray and she offered the prayer...during the prayer she prayed for her baptism! then after the prayer she looked at us and began to smile and said..."i just felt something! ive never felt this before" she recieved her answer right there! then she told us that she had something for us and she left and came back with 50 pesos and tried to give it to us because we gave her this message that she has needed in her life for so long! obviously we accepted the money..................nahhhhhh. no cierto. but honestly, it was so cool to watch her whole life change just from this one simple message! supes gnars! this message truly blesses and changes people, its so cool to be teaching that message to people every single day!
by the way, there is a missionary in my same area who is from Gilbert...his name is Elder Palmer and he is giving his mom the number to the house so that you two can talk and read other emails from someone else in the mission!
i love you all, no joke!
con amor,
Elder Johnson

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