Monday, June 20, 2011

New Companion

hey hey hey!
so this week has been super good! we worked super hard (as always of course! ha) and the Lord really blessed us a lot! we had 48 people in Church yesterday...the most there has ever been in the history of Rosario! so stoked!
my trainer Elder Ball left yesterday to go to Culiacan to visit his converts because he leaves on Wednesday....cuhhhrazzy! I honestly cried super hard when he was really hard to say goodbye to my "dad" haha. he really taught me so much and helped me become the missionary that i want to be! im seriously about to cry just writing about it again! haha. lets just say say that he was a SUPER good missionary! no joke, ill never forget him. and I also just barely got my new companion Elder Mendez, he´s a Mexicano so i wont be speaking too much english for the next 6 weeks! haha. im a little nervous but honestly, Elder Ball prepared me for anything so im not too worried!
anyway, thats super crazy about the fires and stuff...i hope everything turns out ok!
we have 2 baptisms planned for this week...Jaudolfo and Vikki! they are awesome, they are brother and sister and Vikki has a little girl! we have been really helping Vikki progress and i can see the biggest change in her, its unbelievable how much just a simple prayer of faith can help so much with coping with the difficulties of life! it really is true that if we come to the Lord in faith, He will make our burdens light and help us through anything!
I love you all and i hope that you all stay close to the Lord! He truly is our Father in Heaven! i have gained such a great realtionship with my Heavenly Father since ive been here and i desire the same thing of all of you, because i am happier than i have been in my entire life! although i was pretty sad when you told me about the LP trip with the Glausers.....haha. but really, stay close to the Lord and pray with with "all the energy of heart" Moroni 7:48.
I love you so much
con amor,
Elder Johnson

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