Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm A Different Person!

so it looks like im just writing to my loving Mother whom is home alone at the moment! haha. Thats gonna be super weird when all of us are gone out of the house doing our own thing...obviously still around...but not in the house with you anymore! ha. anyway, i dont want to make you think about that too much...being a grandma and errrthing....zssahh.
Anyway, thats way cool that Court is up at EFY right now in utah...i wish i would have gone to EFY more when i was younger! you grow a lot spiritually at EFY. Its so wierd how all my priorities have just completely changed...ha. Its just that i look back on all the things i did before my mission (involving the church) and i just wish i would have done so much more and done a lot less of what i was doing (which wasnt ever anything bad)....ha. I just feel like all i want to do is be involved in the church and help it grow anywhere i am! it really is tough to explain, but its cool!
One thing i have really been amazed about here in the mission is how the Lord can literally just shape thoughts have changed, i think in spanish all the time, i even dream all the time in priorities are different like i said, all i think about is what can i do better do better help the people im teaching...and i dont say this to make it sound like im such a great missionary who only thinks about his investigators all the time and is completely devoted to his mission....but the Lord has literally just made me a different person, he has shaped me in a way that i cant even explain! its like when i sleep he is just doing something to my brain to make it think differently! haha. that was a wierd analogy...but its true! we recieved a new gringo missionary in the house who is struggling with spanish just like i did and we were talking about how its impossible how much i've improved in spanish in just 1 change in the mission, but somehow the Lord is able to just change everything about you to make you into the missionary he needs! we just have to have a willing heart and a desire to do His will and he just takes care of the rest! I can speak in spanish really well right now, i have absolutely no trouble understanding my companion and i can speak to him like hes just about anyone else....i cant explain how blessed i feel and how grateful to the Lord i am for what He has made me! so for all of you who are wondering how im doing with the spanish, i say to you....the Lord has blessed me A LOT with my spanish! i know that its not me, i couldnt do this on my own...i want you to know that i KNOW of a surety that my ability to speak spanish did not come because of me, its because the Lord knows that i need to teach people here in Mexico and guess what....the only language here is spanish! haha.
My comp is way cool, hes a native from the state of Mexico and hes a great teacher! i have already learned a lot from him and am continuing to learn every day. he teaches with a lot of power, just like has a lot of conidence in what hes saying and doesnt try to make it sound all flowery and stuff to make the people accept it, he just teaches it and knows that it is true. its really cool! he wants to be a teacher when he gets back from his mission (which is in 2 months) so he really enjoys teaching a lot. hes a great missionary and im excited to work with him more.
i dont know whats going on with these pics...i want you to see what im doing here in Rosario and what it looks like and everything but i dont know whats going on. ill try to send more. but hey, i really want a voice recorder, sounds wierd i know, but like record a little voice message on it from whoever wants to and send it to me and then ill record whats going on in the mission on it! and also a head shaver thing...i dont know the word in english....ha. by the way, at times, i totally forget some frases and words in english....its really wierd...ha. also, a cool study journal (something just simple). oh and i lost my ipod....i have been looking for it for a while, so i dont know if you have another ipod mini or something just laying around not being used just send it on south....ha.
We are hoping to baptize 2 people this week Adolfo and Vikki, they are so cool (neighbors of ours) and im way excited for them....well see...were working really hard with them and with a lot of others. the problem here is getting to people to come to church....its tough but i know the Lord will bless us for our hard work and our faith in Him. pray for them profis (por favor...ha). oh and for jess...before we got here, the average number of people in sacrament meeting was around we have had over 40 people 4 times!! the Lord wants this place to grow! but we are still struggling with getting ivestogators to church! but we have a computer and a keyboard now (both absolute MIRACLES)!
send my lovin to all!
oh and p.s. tell Jenna, Jessica and Dallin and Dallas that i miss them and want to hear from them! haha. I love you guys so much, you have not the slightest of clues!
con amor,
Elder Johnson
by they way, i want to write everyone and tell them how much i love them...but i cant so if you read my letters and you are reading this right now, just know that i really do love you!

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