Monday, May 16, 2011

Loving Mexico!

Hola mi familia eterna!
SOO....Mexico is so great! Its super HOT!! haha. we were given these towels to carry with us because handkerchiefs (excuse the spelling) dont do enough! haha. But other than the heat, everything is so awesome!
Me and my companion Elder Ball, who is American and known to be the greatest missionary to ever come through this mission (thats not a joke either) he is literally one of the coolest guys i know, but we are in a place called Rosario! its the farthest south city that this mission goes! haha. We are literally in the middle of nowhere! we are in the mountains so its super pretty! But honestly this area is so beautiful...we walk these super tiny streets all the time, but mostly we walk dirt roads! ha. my shoes are literally just fully brown at the end of every day! We are working super hard and have been teaching a TON!!! no joke, we teach like 6 times a day! we have 14 progressing investigators right now and we havent even had a full week of working...the Lord has blessed us so much!!
List of people we are teaching:
Maria, Melisa, Galdis, Clayra, Nayeli
Daniela, Rosio
Maria, Jose, Ashley
Mara, Yolanda, Karen
AND ROBERTO!! my favorite, this fuy is so legit! haha
Anyway, lots of people!! haha. We usually have around 15 people that show up to church, and in less than a week we doubled and had about 30! the Lord has prepared the people here! and its only going to increase! the work is so seriously moving so quickly here we can hardly keep up with our own feet! Its a pretty big area and there are only four elders in this whole city! MUCHO TRABAJO! ha.
But im loving it so much! no joke, they werent lying when they said the mission is hard (we walk back and forth all over the city ALL day) but when you can look someone in the eye and tell them that you know that this work is true and they accept to be baptized...WOW!! it makes everything worth it! We have 12 baptismal dates for the 28th and 1 so far for the 4th of June! cuhhhh-ray-zeeee!
But i want to tell you a story of MAN! ha. this happened yesterday...we got done with church and so we went out to try to find more people to teach and we had literally no clue where we were going, were still learning the area because its so big. but we were walking and we turned down some random street and we walked by this straight up shack (almost every house is a shack here by the way!) ha. but me and elder Ball both stopped and said we need to talk to whoever is in that we went to see if they were home and my man Roberto comes out all swagged out with his long shorts and baggy tee shirt and he was holding his brand new baby girl in his arms! So we asked him if we could share our message with him and he said ABSOLUTELY! But from the moment i saw this man, i could picture him in the temple in all white clothes, i kid you not i literally could picture it in my mind the moment i saw this man! But we started to teach him and his wife came and sat with us for a while! But anyway, he is a very soft spoken man and just so gentle! I have never cared for the welfare of a persons soul as i did at this time for this man! All i could do was teach very simply and bear my testimony with as much conviction as i could possibly have! He is going to be baptized on the 4 of June! WHATTTT!!! i was so filled with the spirit during and also after this lesson that it was just incredible! the mission is so great!
But anyway, we live in a house with 2 other elders and i did eat with the president and his wife, she cooked for us and it was so awesome! President Cantu is the man, he is so cool and im so excited that he is my mission president! I wish i could answer more of your questions but i dont have much time!
But tell Derek im SUPER proud of him and WAY STOKED!!! i wore my toro volleyball shirt today for p-day so tell him that im still reppin for the team here in MEXICO! haha.
But i love you all and im so glad i got to see you all, pray for the people here in Mexico because they are progressing so much and the church is just blowing up here!!! so cool! love it. nothing better! oh and tell Perk that im way stoked for him! zahhh.
con amor,
Elder Johnson!

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