Monday, May 23, 2011

shhhhhh, that ones a secret!

So i just want to say that its so great being able to hear from all yallzz every week! it truly builds me up to know that things are going so well back at home!! i truly love you all!
So, update...Roberto is still my main man! and check it out...he came to church on his own without us walking with him and he brought his Book of Mormon! but thats not even the best part...i was sitting next to him and he leans over to me and asks if he can borrow my i gave him my pen (not really knowing why) and he is sitting there MARKING in his scriptures his favorite parts!!!!!!! que suave verdad! ha. But i was seriously just sitting there happier than ive ever been in my entire life just watching him mark in his own Book of Mormon his favorite parts of what we were talking about! I kid you not, this guy is lo más chaca hombre EVER! ha. he is going to be baptized on the 4 of june! so stoked.
We also have 3 baptisms for this upcoming weekend with Gladis, Clayra and Melissa! by the way, we opened up this missionaries have ever been here! we literally started from scratch and we already have 3 baptisms the first week that we can baptize (because they have to come to church 2 before they can be baptized). But im way excited for this weekend!
So the language is seriously coming so fast i can hardly keep up with myself! its so cool being able to reflect on the day each night and see how much the Lord is blessing spanish improves everyday, we have so many investigators who are just bien suave, and i get to serve people every day with a smile and feel more joy than i ever have in my life! missions are honestly the greatest opportunity! tell my girls i say hi. Fam, i LOVE IT HERE!!! and i cant wait to get more into the groove and be super comfortable with the language and everything! The church is growing so fast here!
So i totes forgot my camera again this week.....errrrrrrrrrr but i promise next week there will be a ton of photos being sent your way! oh and the box is stuff from the MTC that i want to keep that i had someone send for me (didnt want to waste space in my suitcase). And we have an hermana in our ward who has a machine for us to wash our clothes in and she also cooks lunch for us every day! ha. But i have cleaned a few this with the bucket (ill send the pics of that). and the food is so much different than what people think mexican food is! haha. But i havent gotten super sick yet, but i have had a couple close calls trying to get to the bathroom...shhhhh that ones a secret! ha. But the food is way good here.
tell court that im way proud of her and that i enjoyed her letter! oh and thats hilarious about Jess and the feet! keep on keepin on Jess!
Por favor, write trev and drew and tell them that im way proud of them! and anyone else that you can! tell Dallin that i love him a ton also when you see him! tell my girls i say hi. I love you all and im proud of you!
con amor,
Elder Johnson

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  1. Oh my gosh. He sounds wonderful. I'm glad your doing this blog, I've been trying to decide if I want to do one or not. It sure is fun to hear what all the guys are up to.