Thursday, May 5, 2011


HAPPY BIRTHDAY/MOTHERS DAY!!!! Love yaa tons madre! teee heeee.
WHAAAAAAATTTTTT????? That picture of Jess just fully blew me away! That's so wild! I guess 8 weeks can change a lot! ha. felicitaciones! 
So guess what.....Im coming to PHOENIX!! whattt upppp! haha. im so excited. My first layover is in phoenix for almost 3 hours! so I'll be chillin right next to yy'alllll. so stoked! anyway, then im going to Hermosilla, Mexico....then finally arriving in the celestial mission, Culiacan, Mexico!!!!
So i saw Trev right when he came in! it was hilarious, we were sitting there with our whole zone just eating our sack luches and all of a sudden....out pops Trev's head out the window yellin TEEEEEEEEJ! haha. I was so stoked to see him and he gave me a big hug from da MOMMA...ha.  
Anyway, everything is going so good here! my spanish has come a long way, and im feeling pretty ready to get out into the field! i just got a letter from my mission president saying that they are breaking all sorts of records on baptisms and confirmations! the field is white! ha.
I just want to appologize if i dont answer all of your questions, my mind is just going wild when im watching that clock count down and i feel like i have so much that i want to say everytime! ha. so my bad...i do my best! 
But just by the way, Im loving all the packages!!!!!!!! so nice, that blanket that you sent is the most comfortable thing in the world! and the mexican candy is outtaa dis world! im spoiled.
But i really want to tell you all how important the members are in this work! It is critical that members are constantly be-friending people and helping the missionaries please do all you can!  
Anyway, I love you all ( no joke) i really do! tell me girls to keep the letters coming.
The lord loves you all! 
con amor,
Elder Johnson 

Elder Larson sent this picture!
As he captioned it..."The 3 Amigos"

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