Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The mission is the BEST thing in the whole world!

What's up everyone!  For everyone that reads these letters that I send out....know that the mission is the BEST thing in the whole world and if you have a son on a mission....BE PROUD OF HIM!  If you have a son that is going on a mission, help him prepare to be the best missionary that he can possibly be!  And to my mom, THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME BECOME WHO I AM TODAY!  I love you so much for that!  It's pretty cool being on a mission.
Anyway, I can't believe that it's already July!  Time goes by super quick and it has gotten way too hot way too fast! haha.  But it's good to hear that everyone is enjoying summer vacations.  I have news.......we had changes today!!  I am now with an elder who's name is Elder Perez, he is from Texas but lived for a little while in a state called Hidalgo here in Mexico.  He is super cool and I'm super excited to work with him and see miracles!
Ok....something crazier than any other thing that has happened in this whole past change happened this week....and that's kind of hard to believe, but it's true!  So we were teaching someone named Paola and Israel a little while ago, like when I first got here in this area about a month and a half ago....but they weren't progressing a whole lot so we had to stop visiting them.  This week we heard about them again. Supposedly, Israel (the husband) died in another freak accident......WHAT!  AGAIN??  But something really cool happened.....Paola, the wife of Israel, had remembered what we had taught her about the Plan of Salvation and she said to one of her best friends, who is a member of the church, that she felt like she needed to go back to church!  Well, this week....she showed up to church with all of her kids and a couple of her friends.  When she walked into the church, she had a big grin on her face and she was so happy to be in the church, and she leans to us and says...."I'm glad that I came today".  It was so cool to see that the spirit could give her the comfort that she was looking for!  "Seek and ye shall find".....I learned a cool lesson that day, that if we are truly looking for peace and comfort and we show our effort to God and put our trust in Him....He will make everything alright!  We may still have the same problem, but as it says in Mosiah 24....the Lord will make our burdens seem light!  I really love that scripture, because I think a lot of times, we want the Lord to take the trial completely away....but where is the learning in that??  When the Lord told Nephi to build a boat, Nephi simply asked....where can I find the right tools?  And when the brother of Jared had the problem with the light in the boats....he prayed and the Lord responded...what would you like me to do?  It required a little faith to think about how to do, present his plans to the Lord, and then the Lord finally provided the miracle!  It's just like Paola....she was looking for comfort, and she remembered where she could find it, so she acted and the Lord provided the miracle!  We are hoping that we will see some good progression with Paola in this upcoming week!
I'm happy right now, and I love my family!  Your letters always lift me up a ton and I'm grateful for every single one of them!  Love you all!
Elder Johnson
One of Tyler's old Companion's Elder Larkin

Elder Johnson goin' bowlin!!

Zone Conference with Pres and Hmna Cantu

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