Monday, July 16, 2012


WHAT'S UP EVERYONE!' Just thought I'd let you know that my fùtbol (soccer) skills are improving very much....haha.  We played today in the morning and it was super fun, we had a few locals show up who were unbelievable and so I learned a few things from was GNAR LEE
haha.  Also, we are getting a TON of rain right now.....yesterday we were walking back from the lunch that we had, which by the way was super far away from the house, and it started to POUR rain!  The streets were completely flooded within about 3 minutes and so when we got to the house....we were literally drenched with water!  It was way fun though. ha.
So now I suppose I should fill you in on how the actual missionary work is going! haha.  This week went well for us....we had plans that we were going to find a lot of people this week and we went out with our goals in mind and we found quite a few people actually!  But the bad news is, is not one of the people we are teaching came to church......BUMMER!  That was a little disappointing, but there is no need to get down on ourselves, we just got  to keep working and help these people feel the spirit enough in their hearts to have the desire to go to church to really know if what we are teaching is true!  So that is what we are going to focus on this week, is helping people come to church so that they can progress in the gospel and change their lives!
So I don't know if you remember me talking a little bit about the specific prayers and specific plans and everything like that....well if you do, we had a super cool experience with that this week!  We had made super super specific plans the night before of what we were going to do the next day...when we were going to leave the house, we said a specific prayer that we would be able to find a family of 4 that day that would accept to listen to us, so we left with all the faith in the world, and we followed the plans that we had put.  We arrived at one house and a little girl, about 12 years old answers and says...."my mom left to go the super market"....while she said that, we heard a voice in the back of the house...and we asked...."could we talk with your mom?" and she got all red and said...."I'll talk to her to see....." hahaha.  Anyway, that's not the important part.  We started to talk with the mom and she let us into her house, we started to talk with her and as we were talking, her cousin walked into the house, sat down and started to listen to us!  Then a couple minutes later, one of her uncles walks in, sits down and starts to listen to us!  WHAT! There were 4 people in the house listening to the message of the restoration, and they were all super interested, asking a bunch of super solid questions and at the end we challenged everyone to be baptized and everyone accepted!  Cooool cool cool. haha.  Our prayer was answered and we left the house super stoked!  The only bad part is....they all went to Mazatlan this weekend to visit family, so they couldn't go to church. Oh well, we'll just have to help them this week go to church.  So yeah, that was the cool experience of the week, hope you all liked it!  Remember to always pray, because Heavenly Father does listen and does answer!
I love you all, I hope you all have a TON of fun at Lake Powell!  I actually had a dream about Lake Powell this week, so that was cool....I'm there without really being there....believe that being there is WAY better than just dreaming your there!  haha.  Love you all.
Elder Johnson
p.s. this is after playing soccer in the morning! the one in the orange shirt is my companion and the other 2 are the assistants right now! tons tons tons of fun.

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