Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Family dearest,
WOW!  Lake Powell looked like it was a TON of fun!  Everyone is getting soo good at wakeboarding, I'm gonna have to step it up big time when I get home or Dillon is gonna pass me up pretty quick.....or maybe even COURT!  I still dont know if I can believe that that is Courtney in the air on a wakeboard, or if you just photoshoped her face in there! haha.  And mom surfing?? WHATS UPP!!  And I'm diggin' the shockers mom (hang loose)!! haha.  Anyway, I'm glad that you all had a ton of fun! Jess and Cam couldnt go??
By the way, sorry for writing again on Tuesday.....there was a HUGE storm here yesterday and there was absolutely no intenet, so we couldn't write.

So this week was a very intersting one!  We are working super hard right now to find new people and it has been a fight but we are doing basically everything we can to do it!  This week was another seminary week, but for the elders that didn't get to go to the last seminary...and so 2 elders slept in our house again and we were able to work with them almost the whole week, just like last time with Elder Blood.  But this time I was working with an elder named Elder Oliver he's from Roy Utah and is a CHAMP!  He is sort of new in the mission, so he is still learning spanish, but I couldn't believe how well and how fast he is improving!  Basically he's just a stud.  Anyway, when I was working with Elder Oliver I really wanted to have a cool spiritual experience with him to be able to build his testimony and help him be an awesome missionary, so we left the house looking for an experience.  We went to go look for all the people that we had planned to see.....and nobody was in their house.  We went to about 20 houses and not one was there.......uhhhhhh. WHAT NOW??  I want him to have a spiritual experience and nothing is hapenning....WHAT DO I DO??  Well, it was time to take him back to seminary and we hadn't been able to talk to hardly anyone, I felt super bad....but I was thinking of some way that we could have a cool experience.  We got on the bus to go over to the other side of Culiacan and a thought came to me......I leaned to Elder Oliver and asked him if he wants to contact the bus.....he looked at me and his face just went white!  Then he said yes!  haha.  So I told him, if we can't have a spiritual experience....we are going to make one happen!!  I gave him a few pamphlets and a Book of Mormon and told him that it was all his.  He was super nervous, but super determined.  After a little while of building up the courage he stood up, went to the front of the bus (which was full of people by the way) and starts to talk about the restoration of the Gospel through the prophet Joseph Smith and gave his testimony and then I stood up and bore my testimony and started to explain the Book of Mormon and everything, then we handed out a few pamphlets to peope that were interested in what we were saying!  Basically, the coolest part about all of this was that a new missionary, who is still learning spanish, was brave enough to get up in front of everyone and preach the true Gospel to a whole bus of people!  I couldn't believe he actually had done it.  He told me afterward that that experience helped him a lot to get rid of his fear of talking with people about the gospel and that his faith had increased!  I felt good knowing that even though we weren't given a spiritual experience....we made a miracle happen!  I think that's sometimes how it is, we wait and wait for the blessings or miracles to fall from the sky, and sometimes they don't.....we need to go look for them, we need to fight for them....and that's what Elder Oliver did on that bus that day, he found his Miracle!  cool kid.
I hope that this week we will be able to find a lot more people to teach.....teach the people that we find.....and baptize the people that we teach! We're looking for miracles, and we're gonna fight to find them!
I love you family, you will never know how much you have helped me grow while here in the mission and I'm so grateful for every one of you!
Elder Johnson
p.s. sorry I haven't sent pics in a while.....next week i promise I'll send some.

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