Monday, August 6, 2012


HELLO EVERYONE!! Happy Birthday to Asher!! WHOOO! It looks like everyone had a super good time at the bday party....but maybe Asher had a little too much fun with his cake! haha. I can't believe that he was born a year seems like it was yesterday, but now when I see him in the pics he looks like he is growing a lot!I  I'm super stoked to really meet the little fart! ha.
School is already almost back in sesh?? WHAT!  I feel like summer was a lot longer when I was in high school, or maybe the time just goes by faster when your here on a mission.  But honestly, I feel like it was only 2 or 3 letters ago that you told me that they were doing summer school and all that stuff!  CUUHRAZZY!  Anyway, I hope that everyone enjoyed it as much as they could have, because now starts the work again!  I read Courtney´s schedule for this year and I felt so bad for her......haha. but I know that you can do it Court, just give it your best and don't lose focus of what's most important!  Dillon should play soccer....I've realized that it's one of the coolest and funnest sports to play!  I feel like he'd be a good goaly...real scrappy!  haha.  It's wierd to think that everyone on this side of the family is in or already out of high fast the time goes by.
Anyway, this week has also been an interesting one....I was a little bit sick for the first part of the week and had to rest, but I've already gone to the doctor and I'm ALL GOOD now!  So we got to work toward the end of the week which was good and we tried to make the most of our time while we had it!  Also, the meeting with all the zone leaders was this week so I got see some of my buds from the mish that I don't get to see too often, so that's always nice!  In the meeting with zone leaders we learned a lot of good stuff, mainly we learned about how we need to be more focused on the people we are teaching instead of the lessons that we are teaching the people....interesting thought!  But I loved it, I learned a lot, and we were able to put it into practice toward the end of the week with a couple of our investigators!  But the experience that I would like to share with all of you is one that was super special for me, because it was with a family that we had found a little while ago, the moms name is Lidia....don't know if you remember her??  And her husband´s name is Jose....they have 2 little girls, one who was just barely born.  Anyway, this family is super cool....but a few weeks ago, we had recieved a message from Lidia saying that she didn't want us to come by anymore, and we were SUPER bummed because she was progressing so well!  Anyway, this week I felt like we needed to go to her house and visit her, even though she had told us not too....rebels!  haha. So we went the other day and her door was open, I got a little nervous as we were walking toward the door not knowing what she was going to say when she sees us, but then we saw her husband and he told us to come on in!  HUH??  ok!  So we went in and starting talking and it felt like we had picked up where we had left off....just normal!  We started to talk with Jose about what is it that he believes and why he goes to church and everything, basically just getting to know him, because we had never had the oportunity to teach him in the past.  Then we started to teach him, but it was so much different than any other lesson I've ever taught, I wasn't worried about what we were going to teach but I was more worried about what does he need!  We could tell that he was a little resistant at first, but as we asked him questions and really helped him express his feelings and feel the spirit....the Holy Spirit touched his heart and he opened up to us....almost couldn't believe it.  We are hoping to see a lot more progression with Jose and Lidia in the near future! Straight to the temple.
So basically that was my week, super solid and I'm super content!  I love all of you and am grateful for your weekly letters! love love love my fam.
Elder Johnson
p.s. we went to the zoo. good times! haha.

-dont know if you can see it very well, but the do on this goat totally looked like Elvis Presley! haha.
-the monkey's trying to get my pen through the cage....super funny.

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