Monday, August 20, 2012



I really enjoyed your last letter, I was laughing through almost the whole thing!  Sounds like things are getting pretty hectic over there in Mesa AZ!  haha.  But it's good to hear that everyone is doing well and that school is starting off well for everyone....even though it might be hard.  Oh and I read Dallin's letter that had the part about Chris in it....that was super cool to see that Chris really had that much of an impact on him and was such a great example to him, it's cool to see how by "small and simple things are great things brought to pass".  I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to live with Chris almost my whole life and have that example almost 24/ has helped me so much to be the person I am now, and I'm sure that that has helped a lot of the people that I have come in contact with here on the mission!  Cool stuff. 

Anyway, this week was way cool. I'm loving working with my new companion Elder Aylesworth...he is a stud and we have a lot of fun together while we are working! ha.  Sometimes we as missionaries make the work so boring by just doing the same things over and over again and just being bummed the whole day, but we try to make it super fun and just have a good attitude the whole day and it helps a ton!  The people really do see the smile on our faces and it makes them want to know....why are they so happy if they are walking in the sun all day??  It changes the heart of the people and helps a lot in the work. 

We met a way cool family this's just a daughter and her mom, but they are way cool.  Their names are Bertha Alicia and Lupita. they are references from a recent convert who just barely got baptized a couple weeks ago.  So we went to see if they were home and it just so happens that we arrived at the perfect moment.  Supposedly the grandma had just passed a few months ago and it was super hard for the mom...and also they have a few other problems right now in their lives and don't know where to find comfort.  So we started to talk with her just get to know her, get to know her situation and everything....then taught her the true principles of the gospel to her.  As we were teaching she looked like she was really quiet but looked really calm....we asked what she was feeling...she was silent for about a minute, then looks up at us and says....I feel comforted!  She said she had been looking for a feeling like that for so long, but until that moment had never been able to find it.  The spirit was very strong and I felt really good that we were able to bring the gospel into their lives and help them recognize the love that God has for each and every one of us! 

Love you all, hope that everyone keeps working hard and remembers to always say their prayers! 

Elder Johnson

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