Monday, July 9, 2012


Hello everyone, just thought I'd let you know that I enjoyed my 4th of July very much and felt very American....the reason why is because....without even knowing, the family that we ate with that day made the BEST HOT DOGS EVER and I ate about 6!  Who would have thought that I would be eating hot dogs in Mexico on the 4th of July!  Good stuff. haha. Still missed the fireworks, but I'll settle for hot dogs.
Thank you thank you thank you for the package!  My companions and I destroyed the candy super fast and I am enjoying a nice, clean and convenient shave each and every morning! haha.
So I'm guessing your wondering why I put as a title to this letter....RoLLer COAstER RiDe....well the reason is because this week was full of ups and downs...high points and low points!  First of all, I'm not sure if I have told you about Lidia, but if I haven't, she is one of the coolest and best investigators that we have right now...she has been reading in the Book of Mormon and has prayed to know it's true and she told us this week that she felt and knows that it is true!  Well, that was the for the down. about 2 days ago there was a baptism in the ward so we had invited her to come and she was super excited to go, and the day of the baptism we received a message from her....but it wasn't the message we were really hoping for. she said that she did not want us to come back to her house anymore and that she will not be going to church, and said that we should spare her the embarrassment of not opening the door when we come again........uhhhhhhhhh....NOOOO!!!  I really couldn't believe it, we had felt the spirit super strong with her and she had just received her testimony that it was all true, and now this....NO WAY!  I felt super bummed at first, but then I remembered that we had done everything what we could to help her come to Christ, but in the end, she has her agency to choose.  I felt comfort in knowing that she now knows EXACTLY where to go if she wants to have an eternal family and it's cool that we could provide that knowledge for her...I hope that she will realize that in the future and have a desire to follow the promptings of the spirit!  We just gotta keep looking for the people that are willing to act upon the promptings that they feel and never get down on ourselves!  I just think about what it says in D&C 4....."with an eye single to the glory of God"....we can't lose our vision nor forget our purpose of why we are here!  Love love lovin it.
Gibran, his mom Lourdes and sister Marisol are progressing really well right now, we are working with them to be baptized this coming Saturday......they actually went to see the baptism in the ward this last week and really liked it, so pray for them a lot POR FAVOR!
I love you all sort of a lot!  Keep looking for ways to progress, and always look for ways to help those around you!!
Elder Johnson

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