Monday, June 25, 2012

WOW. Love It!

hello hello HELLO!
I LOVE MY FAMILY SO MUCH! That's been on my mind this week....just thought I'd let you know! haha.
Soooo...I'm so glad to hear that your talks went SUPER well!  I read just a little bit of every one and I can't believe how AWESOME my family is! You guys killed it and I'm so stoked that it went so well and that it could have such a great impact in the members of the congregation!  It's an awesome testimony to me that when we truly PREPARE with a spirit of PRAYER and do ALL THAT WE CAN, we are given the SPIRIT and we are able to talk with the tounge of angels as Nephi promises us in 2 Nephi 32: 2-4!  That's so cool that you were able to experience I would recomend giving Him thanks for the great opportinity to be instruments in His hands and then ask what more can you do!!!  Nothing better than the work of the Lord!  Now I'll just be waiting for that letter from the future missionary!  I'm so excited that he was so touched by your talks it's unbelievable!
This week also went well for us too!  We were able to find a few people that are willing to listen to us and I hope and pray that we will be able to help them feel the spirit enough to be willing to accept and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  That's the hard part isn't it?? haha.  By the way, this month and a half that I have been here in this area, I have taught more people than in my whole mission that truly have REAL LIFE PROBLEMS! Sure, I have taught people in the past that have their difficulties and struggles, but in this past month, we have been dealing with more than in my whole mission....and it's been such a great learning experience! Sure it's tough, and sometimes I literally have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE what they are going through, because me, as a 20 year kid have not experienced what they have....but I know someone who does!  That's what gives us the power and authority to help these people, it's because we are LITERAL representatives of JESUS CHRIST!  And I have seen that as we do ALL THAT WE CAN....the Lord puts the words into our mouths!  I had actually talked to President Cantù about this and he gave me some words of encouragement and taught me what I could do and I remember this week we were teaching someone and she was explaining everything that was hapenning to her in that moment in her life and I thought to myself.....HOW IN THE WORLD CAN I HELP HER?? and I looked toward heaven and asked God to put the words into my mouth and to help me to help her....and I started to speak and I felt the spirit super strong and I remember that while I was talking, I was thinking to, that really makes sense what I'm saying!! haha.  I hope that she will give heed to the words that we spoke to her, but if she doesn't, I know that we gave it our all and that the spirit was in that lesson!  So that was a really cool experience for me, that I was able to put in practice what I had learned from Pres Cantù and we saw the blessing!
I truly am loving every minute of my mission....even the hard minutes!  I was watching a talk given to missionaries by Elder Jeffrey R Holland and he talks about those hard moments in the mission.  I have found that in those minutes it helps me come to know my Savior and know what it is that He suffered for me as He was preaching the Gospel and the people rejected Him and spit upon Him, but He kept being diligent and never lost the Spirit until the very end, and then He continued His great work in the spirit world and still continues His great work today with us....shoulder to shoulder!!  It's really cool to know that we have His help and that we are not alone in this work!  Always remember that in the hard moments, that it is a time to come to know who the Savior really is and how much He truly loves us!  Love the atonement, Love my family, Love this work!
peace out,
Elder Johnson
An awesome family from the ward!

Elder Johnson with Elder Blood

Elder Johnson with Elder Gutierrez

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