Monday, June 11, 2012

SPECIFIC goals, SPECIFIC plans, SPECIFIC prayers!

Family, I love you a ton! This week was super super awesome! I feel like a whole new missionary right now. We had something called missionary seminary....and let me tell you that I learned a whole lot!  It was a 4 day seminary so we didn't work a whole lot in the field, but in between the classes we got to go to our areas and put in practice what we were learning in the classes and we basically just lived miracles when we left to go work!  Everyone saw miracles and it was because we were remembered or refreshed on the small and simple things that we hadn't been doing that were affecting the work a ton!  We learned a lot about SPECIFIC goals, SPECIFIC plans, and SPECIFIC prayers!!  And when I say specific I'm not joking!  It was super cool to see that as we put into practice everything that we had learned....we saw MIRACLES happen!  Our areas were blessed a ton and we could find a lot of people that were prepared by God himself and His angels to hear the gospel!
We had a super cool experience where Elder Blood (companion for the seminary) and I had planned to go with our ward missionary leader to ask for some references and we had prayed that he would give us 2 references and that one of them would be a family that we could go and teach....also, we had prayed that that day, in that short period of time, we could put a baptismal date with someone.  So we prayed specifically for the things that we had planned and we went and IT HAPPENED!  We asked our ward missionary for 2 references....we recieved 2 references....1 was a family, we contacted the family but only finding one of the kids named Marcos who is 18 years old.....we taught him and invited him to be baptized and he accepted!  Our prayer was anwered just like we had asked!  I learned a lot that day that if we do EVERYTHING WE CAN, and ask God to do the rest....He will always come through!  It may not be the exact way we thought it would be, and we might have to do more than we thought, but He will always come through if we ACT and show our FAITH!  Read in Exodus's super cool to see how Moses, even though the people were whining and crying (after seeing a TON of miracles!) never lost his faith and was able to do the great miracle of splitting the red sea in half!!!!  We need to trust in the promises that God has given us and fight through all the adversity and do everything we can and trust that God will do the rest!!  We had many experiences this week but I'm short on time and I'll tell you all about them in about 9 months.....hahaha!
Also, congratulations Paige and Jake!  I can't believe how fast the time went!  The world keeps moving when you're on a mission and it's kinda wierd!  hahaha.  weeelllpp, I love you all a ton and I'm so happy for every single one of you.  I liked something you said in your letter about learning, we need to be looking for opportunities to learn in every situation we are in and then think of how we can bless the lives of others with the knowledge that we have obtained!  God trusts those who He knows will share what they learn or have obtained!  I love you all MUCHO!!
Elder Johnson

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