Monday, June 18, 2012


Greetings family!
So you got called to speak in church.......WHAT A BLESSING!!!  Before my mission I don't think you would have heard me saying that.......haha. But now I really see it as a blessing, because sometimes we need a little push to study more or to remember something that we have forgotten with time!  And it's like you said, it's a good time to excercise your FAITH and really truly look for revelation on what to say!  Just make sure you be happy for the opportunity and be happy as you give the talk....others will see your enthusiasm for the gospel and it will spread like wildfire! Great feeling.  I was thinking a little bit about what you could talk about and a scripture came to mind....DyC 107:99-100!  LEARN your duty, ACT in all DILIGENCE never being slothful or lazy!  Love it.  Maybe you could talk about the duty for young men to prepare to serve a mission...because it really is a preiesthood duty and an obligation that the Lord expects of us!  I think it was in 2008? that Pres Monson gave a mini talk in the beginning of conference on maybe you could grab some things from there!  But just make sure that you get them STOKED to go on a mission and see the real reasons WHY they should go!  that is....if you talk about that! haha.  But I know that for me....there has been no greater blessing in the world than the opportunity I have been given to come on a mission and learn the things that I have learned out has been an experience that has changed my life FOREVER....and I hope it will for every single young man that makes the decision to serve and to be a representative of JESUS CHRIST!  Throw your conversion story in about when you met the missionaries and how that changed your entire life and talk about all the blessings that have come to you because those 2 young men decided to serve missions!  Also, 3 nephi 5:13 really sums up our purpose simple, but it's super super powerful!  Alma 26:22 also talks about what is it that God requires of us to do and contains HUGE promises if we do them!  Love the scriptures.
Anyway, this week we had an awesome experience that came out of no where!!  We recieved a call this week from a member of another ward here in Culiacan and he had a reference for our area.  The name of the reference is Kevin, he is studying English right now and his teacher is the member that called us to give the reference, and supposedly, Kevin is always asking him a TON of questions about the church and just a bunch of questions in general that anyone who really searches to find the truth might have.  So he asked him if he would like to meet with the missionaries and he was fascinated with the idea to talk with us!!  So we went to his house just this last Friday and met him for the first time...we got there and sat down and the first thing he asked us was....So how does the whole baptism work and what do I have to do to get baptized?!?! WHATT!!!! whoa whoa whoa....slow down there bud, you got to learn the basics first before you go jumping into the font!  haha.  So basically it was a full on miracle that we were able to find him and I know that it was an answer to the many prayers to find the people that are waiting to hear the missionaries....and also a testimony of how important the members of the church are in this GREAT and MARVELOUS work that we all have the resposibility and opportunity to take part in!  YAYY for miracles! ha. Kevin will be getting baptized the 7th of July!
I love you all, I'm proud of you all, I pray for you all, and that is all.
Elder Johnson

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