Tuesday, August 2, 2011


hey hey hey fam,
First of all, sorry i didnt get to write yesterday...we were super busy ALL day! im still in Rosario with the same companion, Elder Mendez...but we got a new elder here and he got here super late and it was just crazy for a while! but anyway...thats why i didnt write.
second, IM GONNA HAVE A SOBRINO TODAY!!!!! im so excited its unbelievable!!! and by the way Jess...love the bib! haha. i cant wait to see pictures of the little guy...or "not so little guy" as it sounds! haha. GOOD LUCK JESS, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! and Cam...FELICIDADES!! love you man.
 also, thats soo cool that you got to talk to Elder Ball!! hes the man, i really love him so much! im definitely gonna have to go see him after the mission and i cant wait! if you get a chance to talk to him again...just let him know that im grateful for everything that he taught me and that i love him! haha.
so about the work here in Rosario...it is definitely work! haha. we have a lot of investigators that we are teaching right now, but none of them are completing with their committments...its super hard when they say they feel that its true, but just dont do anything about it...we are going to continue to help them but at the same time, we need to find new people to teach so we are going to be working a lot in that also! i know the Lord has chosen people for us in each of our areas, its just a matter of being in tune with the Spirit enough and really give your will to the Lord, and then He guides us to the people that we need to find! i have been praying super hard that we will find new investigators who are ready to hear that Gospel and that really want to follow Jesus Christ and his example for all of us! we need to have a deep and unwavering love for God and His Son Jesus Christ and a true desire to live all of the commandments that He has given us and "then is His grace sufficient for you" Moroni 7:48. I have studied that verse a lot and what "his grace" truly is and how we can achieve it in our lives! i wont write everything i have learned...solely due to the time i have on this wonderful computer device in which i write this email to you all....but i will invite you to read and to study about this, because it truly has changed my outlook on not only this work, but on life in general!! Grace for Grace...Grace to Grace...Love it! haha.
anyway, the Branch here is growing a lot and making steps to becoming a strong branch and we hope eventually a WARD!! we are working with the members a lot here and really trying to build a strong base in which we can then build off of! we have a really awesome activity planned for this Saturday in which we are going to all meet in the church on saturday (members and missionaries) and we are going to train the members on how to contact someone or on just how to talk to someone about the Gospel...then we're going to go with the members to visit less active members or investigators that live withing the area of this branch and try to animate them to come to church with us! it may seem like something small but we are really trying to help the members become involved in this branch and in the missionary work here in Rosario...because right now, we dont have too much support from the members here! haha. we are hoping that we will be able to strengthen the testimony of the members and help animate others at the same time! we truly find the greatest joy when we are in the service of our one and only true God! by small and simple things are great things brought to pass...and by very small means, the Lord bringeth to pass the salvation of MANY souls!! we are relying on that promise!
 i love this work so much and i love you all more than you know! im sooooo excited to see pics of my little nephew!! Love you Jess! please stay strong as a family and help eachother through any hard thing that comes with the struggles of life...just remember that a home build upon the principles of the Gospel and obedience to those principles is a home of happiness and peace!! stay close to the Lord!
i love you all so much!
Elder Johnson

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