Monday, August 15, 2011


Querido familia!
Soo...sorry for not writing this past week! I feel super bad that we havent had ANY time to write! I'm not kidding when I say that sometimes our Pdays are more hectic that the normal days...we are moving from one place to another constantly and almost never have time to rest! haha. but no worries...everything is good here in Rosario! So I'm not sure if I told you exactly where Rosario is....its just below Mazatlan...we are basically the farthest south you can go in the mission!  Let me know if that helps you find me...haha. also, the package arrived last week! We had a zone conference so the zone leaders were able to bring my "bundle of love" to me with the oh so sweet.....SOUR PATCH KIDS! So stoked on that, I knew you wouldnt forget! haha. I'm not kidding when I say that I have the coolest Mom in the whole world....I was listening to the recordings of everyone and I remember when you said "now we're back to the original grind" LOVE IT!! haha. But from the voice recordings, it sounds like everyone is doing great and love love lovin life! and if I didnt mention, I love the package! haha.
I have news.......................that I dont think you are going to like.....................I had a pretty bad accident with my hand! We were cleaning the church on Saturday before Sunday so that it looked all spifffy and nice and I was grabbing some things that we store up on a shelf...and I had to stand on a chair to grab them, and there was a fan right above that I didnt see.....and I fell off the chair and my hand flew up into the fan and cut me up pretty bad!! and if you didnt know, the fans here are metal.....ouch! haha. One of the cuts I have went all the way to bone and damaged a ligament....I lost quite a bit of blood and while we were trying to wash it up and get it wrapped up I almost passed out on the floor but my companion caught me and they gave me a priesthood blessing right there and I felt SOO much better! It was actually a really cool experience and my faith was strengthened in the priesthood power that we hold every single day and can use in whatever moment IF we are living worthy to use our power that God has given us! But dont worry...everything is fine now! all I'm gonna have is some sweet scars to always remind me of my mission! haha. Gotta be positive!
I CANT BELIVE I'M AN UNCLE!!! I'm so excited its unreal! I loved the pictures, he looks like a healthy little boy! I cant wait to meet him! Its hard not to think too much about that day because I really cant wait! haha. Keep sending sweet pics of the little stud!
So about the work...I was reading the part of Andrews letter that you sent to me and it sounds like we are having very similair experiences with our investigators! We are still struggling with getting our investigators to church....but I am trying hard to not let it get me down too much, I am always finding reasons to absolutely LOVE my mission and all the blessings that Lord has given me! I really do LOVE my mission and am forever grateful that the Lord has made it possible that I be here in this moment serving Him through serving His children!! I have really learned to realize how to use the specific gifts that God has blessed me with to help this work move forward in the way the Lord would have it move forward! I have learned a lot about myself and I have seen my talents surface as I labor in this marvelous and wonderous work! right now, we are focusing a lot on the members and building a strong foundation in the branch here, and we have seen a a lot of success! By small and simple things are great things brought to pass...I love that counsel and I have seen the truthfulness of it over and over again while working in this branch! My comp is struggling pretty bad right now to finish his mission strong and every day I try to help him and excite him but a lot of the time, he refuses counsel from anyone....its been pretty tough, but I need to keep my desire to work and my desire to be obedient and I know the Lord will continue to bless me and continue to help my companion! NO QUITA LA VISTA!!!! (dont lose the vision!) I cant lose my vision of what I know the Lord wants me to become and what He wants this mission to accomplish! I love what Andrew said about how he is glad it is not takes a lot of humility to fully submit our will to the Lords and accept the "hard times"....but the "hard times" are also the most opportune momentes the Lord has given us to LEARN and to GROW!! We need to bear our trials with a spirit of gratitude and humility, and look for what the Lord is wanting us to learn through the experiences that we are given! the Lord knows what He wants us to become and He is going to provide every opportunity for us to become the person that He would have us be...we just need to accept His will!
I love love love the work and I love love love you all! remember...NO QUITA LA VISTA!
con amor,
Elder Johnson

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