Monday, August 22, 2011


family family famzzily,
Sooo, things are going well companion is "dying" a little bit right now because he only has 20 days left in the's honestly been pretty tough this week! We are still working, but the work is just SLOW!  A lot of times, he makes up some weird random excuse of why we need to stop and rest...and sometimes I get super angry inside but I have to remember that I need to have patience and that the Lord wants me to learn something from every experiece we have! Don't get me wrong...I'm LOVING the work more than anything, but I know that we can make that extra effort, make that extra sacrifice and just have that extra bit of Faith!  The Lord blesses us so much when we are willing to sacrifice everything we have to build His kingdom here upon the earth!  I was actually reading "Our Heritage" these past couple weeks and really pondering on the Pioneers and the sacrifices that they made and the unbelievable faith that they had in the Lord!  They went through more than I can imagine and were time and time again blessed with the greatest outpourings of the Spirit and some of the most miraculous manifestations of the Reality of our Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ and the infinite love that they have for us!  I feel like the Lord is asking us to make the same kinds of sacrifices, but in a modern form...something maybe as simple as sacrificing "worldly activities" on the Sabbath Day or talking with the people that we associate with every single day about the true and everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ!  Whatever the sacrifice may will be well worth it!  I love one part in Our Heritage when it talks about a man, who had crossed the plains with his family by handcart and was sitting in on a conversation in which people were persecuting the Church Leaders for letting people travel that far with the little provisions that they had....this man tried to hold back his anger but finally it just came out and he stood up and with great power and conviction tells how much he had gone through and that to this very day he does not regret one bit of it...the reason being because through the hardships that he had to face and the struggles that they went through brought them to know their One and True God and that no sacrifice was too great to compare with the opportunity that he had to recieve the manifestation and conviction that he had to know the God lives and loves us!!  It's a whole lot better in the book and I would recommend that you read it, because it helped me so much to understand what God asks of us and what He will put us through to become the person He wants us to be!!  Anyway, this week has been a week of PATIENCE and my patience just about ran out...haha.  But I really have learned a lot and I am continuing to learn!  I pray that I will be humble enough to submit myself to any chastening that the Lord sees fit to inflict upon me!  We live, we learn, and we progress until we are made perfect beings in the eyes of the Lord...I love this work and I love the Lord more than anything!  That is what keeps me going, that is what gives me the desire to obedient, that is what gives me the willingness and humility to the Love that I have for my Father in Heaven and His son Jesus Christ!!  I love you all and I am soo glad to hear that all is well in the life of my FAMILY!!  Party of the year....WHAATTT????? haha
loves, hugs, and kisses from Mexico!! <3 haha
Elder Johnson
p.s.  there are a few photos....hope you get them! and the hand is all clean and doing well!  I'm back up and working hard!


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