Monday, July 25, 2011


Hola buenos tardes mi familia! solo quiero decirles que les amo mucho y les extraño! espero que todos esten felices!
ENTONCES......this week, i got sick for a couple days and had to stay in the house...big bummer! no joke, i was so mad that i couldnt go out and work...but i feel a lot better right now and im gonna work three times as hard to make up for the lost time! so to answer the big Q...we havent been able to baptize this transfer so far, sort of a bummer but its not anything to get dissappointed or discouraged about...just keeping working hard and the blessings will come, its a promise from the Lord! but we have had the opportunity to teach a lot of great people and even a couple families that are super awesome! we are truly working super hard to help these people in every way we can and i know they have become closer to their Heavenly Father! Sometimes its sort of a bummer when you are trying to do everything you can to help these people accept the most important message they will ever hear in their entire lives, but they just dont really want to help themsleves! agency....its all part of the plan!! jaja. we truly live in a world that is getting farther and farther away from the teachings and example of the Savior...a world in trouble....and we are the ones that God has trusted to put on this earth at this specific time who have the true gospel and he expects us to truly be an example and live our lives in harmony with what the Savior taught when He was here on the earth! Quite a bit of trust!! I love my Heavenly Father for giving the ability and opportunity to have a testimony that He and His Son LIVE!!
14 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so stoked its unreal!! love you Jess!
its already back to school time??? that was super fast! i bet Court and Dillon are way excited/nervous for MVT! haha. thats still so wierd to me that they are going to have the 9th graders also! but thats wasy cool for them!
aaannnywayyy....the work moves forward! the end of this change is this upcoming Sunday and i believe that i will be getting changed...but were gonna find out on Saturday!! so on Monday, ill give you the update! its wierd to think that i could be in a totally different place this next Monday....haha.
I love it here and i love this work, it truly is the work of the Lord and we are the HOPE OF ISRAEL!!
my family is the coolest EVAA...and i love them so much!!!
lova ya fam!
Elder Johnson
p.s. ill put more photos next  just thinking of the best way to do it because i dont want the same thing to happen that happened the last time....(did that sentece make sense?) i feel like my english is terrible now....haha

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