Monday, July 18, 2011


My Family,
So I thought I would start by commenting on how much I love the letters that you send...they really do help me and animate me to work harder! L-L-Love you!
Soooooooooooo, thats super funny to hear that my mom (shawna baker) was watching soccer! jaja. I dont know why that made me laugh so much but just the thought of my mom actually sitting down and watching a soccer game is just funny....and new! jaja (by the way...jaja is the haha here...mexico is so original!) ohhh, and ROBERT! thats so sweet that he is home and doing super well! I was super excited to get that picture and see all my PRIMOS (cousins)! jaja. I'm way excited for him....its super weird cuz I remember talking with him about how he was getting home right after I leave and how we werent going to see each other for 4 years...and that feels like yesterday! Tell him I'm not jealous that he´s home though! jaja. I am a little jealous of the lake powell part!
Also, I'm way way stoked for this package that is en route! and yes, I got the email of all the stuffzz that is comin my way! way excited! I'm just excited to be able to talk about all my cool experiences and stuff and then you all can have them to hear about whats the happs here in Mexico! OH, and 21 DAYS!!!!!! WHAATTTT!  I'm soo excited to get pictures of my little SOBRINO! jaja.  I will continue to pray for you Jess and I really hope that all goes well! love you by the way!
Tell Court....well I guess your gonna be reading this Court so I'll just tell you myself...that I really love your letters a ton! I want you to know that I'm super proud of everything that your doing right now! I was so excited to hear that you made varsity cheer, I remember in the MTC...when mom sent me the email that you were probably gonna make varsity I was bragging about you to all the elders about how my 15 year old sister was probably going to make a nationally ranked cheer team! jaja. anyway, I'm way proud of you. and Dillon...stay away from those cheese puffs! jajajaja. nahh, I love you little bro!
I'm super glad to hear that you are reading conference! I really have seen so many blessings from following the counsel, council (honstly can't remember the spelling of that word...jaja) of our MODERN DAY PROPHETS! I took that for granted before my mission...the reality that we actually do have a living prophet on the earth today that literally speaks for God for all the world! I really have been thinking a lot lately about the reality of this and how great of an opportunity it is to be born in a time when we are guided by a prophet of God! I hope that you can take a little bit of time and ponder on the significance of that and really make an effort to follow the councils given!
Anyway......we had a district conference this past sunday (its like a stake conference, just with branches instead of wards) and President Cantu and his counselors came and spoke to us! President Cantu is the man! he speaks with so much power and authority in his voice and in his heart! He spoke about how MIRACLES ARE REAL!  Miracles really still happen in the world and they are not just something we hear about and think is cool...we can actually experience miracles in our own lives every single day...the problem is, we too often cut off our connection that we have with the powers of Heaven through our disobedience and often times, our lack of faith that these miracles can happen through US!  He bore a super powerful testimony of the truthfulness of this church and that we truly are in the ONLY path that leads back to our Heavenly Father! I truly felt the spirit super strong in this meeting and it helped me a lot to grow my faith in the reality and DIVINITY of my calling as a missionary of the Lord Jesus Christ and this very sacred opportunity that I have to represent the Son of God! I'm so excited to be here right now serving and being able to align my will to God´s to literally help people change their lives and come closer to our Savior Jesus Christ!  This truly is the ONLY path that leads to eternal life...and we are on it, and we NEED TO STAY ON IT!!!!!
I am learning so much every single day its unreal! And I'm learning it all in Spanish...even more unreal!! jaja. I'm really glad to hear all is well at home and I hope and pray that it continues to be that way! pray, study, reflect, obey!!
con amor sinceramente,
Elder Johnson
p.s. thank you for the contact! ill send pics next week

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