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Hey everyone, I'm glad to hear that things went super well this week in church and in all the rest of the activities that were going on!  I'm super happy to hear that everyone had a great birthday....oh and not to mention, STOKED to hear that the tradition of eating a BR mint choc chip ice cream cake still lives on and that everyone had a bite in memory of me! haha.  It was really funny because last year, I was in Culiacan for my birthday and guess where we went for my b day? Baskin Robbins! haha.  But this year I had to settle for Dairy Queen....just wasn't the same...but oh well, it was still fun and good!

I'm so excited to hear about Sylvania!  It's so cool that you guys also have investigators and stuff that are going to church there and you are being able to experience the same things that I am here!  That really does make me so happy it's unbelievable!  But it's cool to hear that she went again to church, that's a super big sign that she feels the spirit when she is there, and she is opening her heart to those feelings and that's why one goes back!  I have actually learned a lot about that in my mission.....what is it that motivates people to do what they do??  DESIRE!  What we what we ultimately will become!  "you will find what you seek for."  Boyd K. Packer.  I love that, because I can wake up every single day and say to myself.....what are my desires this day?....what is it that I want to accomplish?  If I'm doing the right desire should be to serve God and others around me and to use my priesthood in a way that will bless the lives of others....then I try and accomplish that desire throughout the whole day!  Obviously, I'm not perfect and I do come short sometimes in my desires....but I know where I want to be, and that is where I am headed....and that's a good thing!  haha.  I hope that Sylviana will continue to progress and that she will have a true conversion to the gospel and be a faithful latter day saint!  Keep helping her in all that she needs.....remember that what she needs most is the friendship and support of YOU!  You will truly make a huge impact in the lives of many as you do all that is in your power to do the will of God!

This week was actually pretty tough...but at the same time, well rewarding!  Being Branch President has resulted in being something quite difficult, but I have never been happier and have never felt like I have grown so much in my entire life.  There are a lot of ups and downs....but the ups definitely outweigh the downs!  We had a super awesome experience this week.  Jose and Sofia right now are not married so it has been something that has been on our minds for quite some time this week we decided that we were going to talk to them about it and try to get them commited to being married.  We planned out a solid lesson and went to their house and had a SUPER solid lesson about the nature of marriage and why is it soo important to God.  They and we all felt the spirit super strong in the lesson and honestly, we were super direct and clear, and I think that was the best part of it all....they understood, the spirit testified, and they commited themselves to live this commandment!  We still haven't put a set date yet, because they wanted to talk about it and schedule it out good with their work and I will keep you posted on when....but in the meantime, they are SUPER stoked and so am I!

Oh, I almost forget to mention!  Today are transfers.....and I am no longer with Elder Hernandez......he went to Mazatlan today with a new companion and I recieved a new companion named Elder Molina.....ANOTHER GUATEMALAN!! hahaha.  He has the same amount of time in the mission as Elder Hernandez and he looks like a stud!  He is way funny and seems like he is super ready to work!  I'm excited to be with just may be my last companion....that's odd!!  haha.

The branch is doing well!  For the first time in centuries the members are doing their visiting teaching and home teaching!  The members are really excited to work and to make this branch grow!  So we are excited about that....oh and 4 milpas still hasn't been opened to the misionaries yet...they are going to wait another few weeks to open it, so in the meantime I will still be working there!  We are hoping that things will continue progressing and that we can give it our all to try and make a difference in the lives of the people here!  I love this work and am grateful for the opportunity I have to participate in it!  I love you all so much and am grateful for each of you every day!

Elder Johnson

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