Monday, January 14, 2013


Hello Family!

It sounds like you guys had a pretty crazy week also...with all the sickness going around.  The temperatures here are SUPER cold also!  I don't know what happened but it is so much colder than I have ever felt here in Sinaloa.  That's crazy that the highs there are only 48....that's WAY cold. I'm glad that last year you guys sent me a couple of sweaters....they are definitely helping a ton!  haha.  Anyway, it's super wierd to hear how many of my friends are finishing their missions...but I'm glad to hear that even though I'm not there, they are still chillin at the house!  haha.  I, along with Van, think that the first place I'm going to eat is Barros pizza!  haha.  But tell all of them that I say hi when you see them. 

That's also way crazy about the whole epidemic thing with the flu in basically the whole country!  I hope that it doesn't creep down here to Mexico....that wouldn't be too fun!  Sis Cantu is basically calling everyone to tell them that if they don't have a buy one and to make sure that we are staying I think we'll be fine! 

So this week was basically the craziest of my entire life!  We had to change houses because there were some sketchy guys that were checking out our house so we decided that it was best that we leave and find another house that is more this week we looked for a house and while we couldn't find one, we were living in the place where we have our church meetings!  haha.  But we found a super sweet house that is way clean and perfect to live in.  It took a lot of time to move everything and clean and then get moved into another house, so we didn't have too much time to work normally but it's alright, this week we just have to work a little harder!  But we did have a cool experience at the end of the week that made everything better!  At the beginning of the week, we had met a couple of Nadia's friends, but we didn't have very much time to talk to them so we never had the opportunity to invite them to listen to the gospel, but my companion and I both felt like we needed to talk to him again, but we had no clue how we were going to be able to find him we prayed and hoped that we would be able to find him again.  Then on Saturday night, we went to go visit Nadia, Sofia and Jose...and guess who was there in the house with Nadia.....her friend Brandon!  WHOO!  We were able to talk to him and get to know him a little better and then we were able to teach him about the Restauration of the Gospel and he was super interested!  He was super excited to go to church.....but supposedly got lost on the way there and couldn't find the church....BUMMER!  But he is way cool and he is going to go to a Family Home Evening that we have planned tonight with Sofias family!  It was way cool to see that the Lord answered our prayer and put us in the right path to be able to find Brandon again.....we are hoping to see some good progression with him! 

I don't have too much time today to write, but just know that I love you all and I'm so grateful for all of your examples for me!  I love you all!

Elder Johnson

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