Monday, January 21, 2013


Buenos Tardes a TODOS!
HEY HEY HEY!  First and foremost......HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS!  I'm sorry that I am telling you a day late instead of telling you early, but I'm sure you understand! haha.  But know that I love you and that I'm glad to hear that you had a great day yesterday!  Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD ON SATURDAY!
Thank you so much for the letter this week....I'm pretty sure it was one of the longer letters that I've ever received! haha.  But I'm so happy to hear about all the AWESOME things that are happening on the home front....I feel soo blessed with an awesome family you have no idea!  Oh and by the way, thank you soo much for all the letters for my b-day, I really do feel the love and support of each one of you and you have no clue how much it truly helps me!  But I honestly can't believe that I'm already going to be 21....everyone here in Mexico says that I look like I'm around 16 years old!  hahaha.  But what can I's true!  I'm pretty sure that I'm going to look the exact same as when I left, so don't be looking for any surprises or anything!  haha.  But I was thinking about the whole clothes thing the other day....the 2 pairs of jeans that I came on the mission me like girl jeans!  haha.  They are super tight on my legs....soooo yeah, I think we might have to look for some jeans when I get back!  But I did want to know.....has the style of clothes changed a lot there since I've been gone??  Just pure curiosity.
Oh and about the flight plans and all that....still don't know too much about all that yet.  They called me about a month ago to ask which airport was the closest to my house...but that was about all.  But I'll let you know as soon as I know.  I'm actually pretty sure that you will know before I know, the missionaries that are in the offices will call you to let you know so that you can make plans with the stake pres for the releasing and all that jazz.  But right now, I'm still here and I have waited my whole life for my mission so I'm going to give it my all until that day comes.
We had a great week here in Rosales....kinda busy with a lot of stuff to do in the branch, but we try to make the best out of every week!  Jose is progressing a ton right now!  We are super stoked because he has been reading and praying every day. he has a super big desire to know that it's true because he truly wants to be baptized, but he wants to be sure that it is correct because he always tells us that once he is baptized, he is not just going to be a member, but he is going to serve in the church and be the best that he can be!  We were in the Priesthood class and the class, same as yours I'm sure, was on baptism and the Holy Ghost and how faith and repentance are insperable with the principles of Baptism and the Holy Ghost, because we can't just say that we have faith and not act on it....that is what the exterior ordinances are's a demonstration of our faith and our desire to repent and be clean of our sins!  He really liked the class and he was participating the whole time....actually more than any other member there!  haha.  He is also studying on his own the book on Lorenzo Snow and is learning a lot of new things!  We are hoping that he will recieve the answer that he is looking for and I know he will if he will open his heart and humble himself before God!  I'm telling you that this guy is going to be future leader in this branch and that's why I'm so excited!  Nadia and Sofia are also doing SUPER well, they are progressing so much and actually, Sofia commited herself and her family to have Family Home Evening ever single monday!  WHOO!  I hope that we can continue to find families like this one, because it will help this branch to grow so much and have a solid foundation to work on!
Oh and just to let you know, that place called 4 milpas that I was telling you a week or so, will have 2 full time missionaries working just there and it is going to become it's own branch!!!!  WHOO.  It is growing a ton and we are super excited, because it is going to grow a lot more having missionaries working there full time!  STOKED!

This whole story about Jose reminded me a lot about your story this week with Sylvania.  That's so cool that you are having awesome experiences with missionary work also, it truly does grow our testimony being able to share it with others!  We all need to be actively participating in missionary work daily....there is no other greater work!  Oh, and just to remind you mom....I want you to teach me a little bit more about our whole family history and teach me a little about how to do it!  I remember there was one time where you got super in to it, so I know that you are a pro.....and I want to be a pro! (Nacho Libre accent) haha.
I love my family so much!  I'm grateful for all your love and support, it truly starts my week off in a great way!  You are a HUGE part of the reason why I try to smile in every single moment!  I love you all so much!  Keep up all the good work and don't forget to smile!
Elder Johnson
P-day Futbol!

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