Monday, May 7, 2012


Hello my family that is partly so far away and other that is so close! haha
YOUR IN MY MISSION RIGHT NOW!!  That's so weird to me!  Just to think that I could be there right now and not be breaking any rules and then just randomly see you guys.....obviously I'm not there, but still, just the thought is super weird! haha.  But I hope that you are enjoying LOS CABOS!  I hear that it's pretty awesome over there, I've seen a bunch of pictures and it looks like a sweet place. but moving past all that.......HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK!!!!! whoohooo! SUPER STOKED!  I can't wait to be able to talk to all of you and really wish you a happy birthday!  By the way, before I forget to tell you about the phone call.....we will be calling on the second Sunday of this month which is the 13th. I think I'll call at around 5 oclock in the afternoon, and they are going to give us 1 hour to talk.  So make sure that you don't have any plans for that day at 5!
Anyway, this week was a CRAZY WEEK!  We had to do a bunch of things to get ready for Elder Tenorio and it was just super super hectic!  We didn't get that many opportunities to leave and work in our areas, but when we did, we tried to make the most of it!  We actually had a super cool experience with ABI!  Abi is the person who works for President Cantu and helps him with the kids and everything....she has been here the whole time working around missionaries, but had never talked with them or Elder Morales and I decided that we were going to talk to her and she accpeted to listen to us!  She has a friend here that is a member and she has been helping her a lot too!  But anyway, we were talking with her about her baptism and how she felt about it, and she said that she had never felt this way in her whole life and that she felt like it was something that she really wanted to do!  We talked about her baptismal date and she chose her own date and everything!  Then we were talking with President and Hna Cantu afterward, and they both were super excited because Abi had surprised them and talked with them about her desire to be baptized and everthing, and now we have a set date for the 12th of May!!  She asked President Cantu to baptize her so I'm super excited about that!!!  It's gonna be super cool, we are gonna plan it out super super well that way it will be a day that she will never forget!  We are all super excited for her, but I think she is more excited than anyone! haha.  And Moramay is still super awesome, we haven't been able to see her a whole lot this week, but we still have her baptismal date for the 11th of this Month!  We are going to have to work with them a whole lot this week so that they will be prepared to enter into the waters of baptism and by so doing, take upon them the name of Christ and recieve the gift of the Holy Ghost! WHOOOO!!!!  Super stoked for this week!  I'm hoping that we won't have too much work here in the offices that way we have more time to leave and work!
Also, the conference with Elder Tenorio was super awesome, he is honestly one of the best teachers I've ever heard in my entire life!  He talked about something that was really interesting to me and I really liked!  He said that with 1) Work 2)Concentration and 3) JOY in what you do.....YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING!!!!  He said that those are the 3 key things in anything that we want to accomplish!  I hope that I will be able to put that into practice and see the fruits and miracles that come through it!  STUUHOKED!!
The package that you sent got here last week but I forgot to tell and to THANK YOU!!!!  I needed those socks super bad!  The shirts are just a tad too big, but there is no problem, I still use them and it looks fine!  But thank you sooo much!  for real.
Well, I hope that by this next week I will be able to send some baptismal pics to you all!  Pray that everything will go good and that the Lord will guide them to the waters of baptism!
I love you with all my heart, every single one of you...I love to hear about the happiness that you have all experienced with me as we live the gospel and see the blessings that come as we do!  We need to keep it up, repenting of our sins every day and applying the blessings of the atonement to our lives each day!  "in this, there is this there is peace!"  I love you all!!
Elder Johnson

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