Monday, September 3, 2012


Family Unit.

I would like to start this email off by saying how much I appreciate your letters to me!!!  I really can't describe how much it helps a missionary to be able to hear a solid uplifiting letter from their parents and siblings each week!  I feel that I have been taking it for granted a little bit and had not realized how much of a blessing it is to recieve those letters every week!  The reason I am writing this is because I have been talking with some missionaries who have told me that they hadn't gotten a letter from their family for MONTHS.......I think I would die.  But I honestly could not believe that that actually I would like to write to all the families that have missionaries out in the field.....remember them, support them and show your love for them by sending them a solid weekly have no clue the impact that it has when they receive or don't receive a letter, I'm positive that they will appreciate it! 

It makes me happy that you are all happy.  I love hearing about all the things that you all are doing and the righteous goals being set to read the Book of Mormon together!  I have realized the importance of setting goals and really focusing ourselves to complete what we have proposed to do....the Lord will bless you in your efforts!  So keep it up. 

We had a good week here.  We are working right now with a family of a mom and her daughters (there is no dad in the home)...and they are super cool!  We have been visiting them for a couple of weeks now and they hadn't come to church for a couple Sundays in a row so we knew that we had to focus on that this week with them.  We went to their house and talked to them about what was holding them back from going to church...we helped solve a few of their doubts and questions and really commited them to go to church.  So, Sunday rolls along and they showed up at church with a member and a big smile on their faces!  Although, it was fast sunday and some of the members that got up to bear their testimonies were saying a lot of things that were just a little APOSTASY!  hahaha.  But it was ok, we talked to her afterward and helped her understand! haha.  It was way funny.  But now they are progressing a lot more and they are really starting to feel the spirit in their lives, so we're really happy for them! 

Also, we are working with a kid named Alexis....he is 16 years old and is way stoked about the gospel!  His mom got baptized not too long ago along with his younger brother.  We have been visiting with him for a while now and he always had postponed his baptismal date till "later".  So we went with him this week determined to help him act upon the answer he has received!  We talked to him about WHY he didn't want to be baptized and he had commented that he thought he was going to have to leave all of his friends behind and basically just close himself in his house all we helped him with that and then afterward, he told us that he wanted to be baptized this Friday!!  WHOOOO!  We are super excited for him that he finally made the decision to ACT!! 

I love you family,

Elder Johnson

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