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WAS UP.  I can't believe that Luke is already 8 and got baptized!  Time seems to go faster and faster every single day!  It's true what they say about the mission being even faster the last's really fast.  haha.  Anyway, Elder MY TWIN!  No joke....he is me in Utah form!  I've never met anyone in my life that is so similiar to myself it's really crazy.  He actually has a photo album just like the one that I have....and every pic is almost the exact same....hahaha!  It's pretty funny.  Anyway, I'm glad to hear that people are taking the challenge to read the Book of Mormon!!!!  That makes me really happy!  Also, that's super cool about Bishop Larsen....I miss that guy quite a lot actually, he always has a smile on his face, he's gonna kill it as bishop!  Tell him if you could that I said congrats and thanks for everything he taught me.  Thanks. 

Sooo, this week was pretty darn hectic!  haha.  We did A LOT of traveling this week....but it was alright, we still got to work a little and see it's all good!  We actually had a pretty wild experience.....this week was the week of Marianas baptism, so we were getting everything ready on Saturday...we had actually cleaned out the baptismal font on Friday and decided to fill it on Saturday so we went to fill it up and everything was going just was almost filled but we needed to go to the house to get the baptismal clothes of Elder one of the sisters in the branch told us that we should go and that she would take care of the baptismal we left, went to the house and received a call about 10 minutes later from the Branch President telling us that the baptismal font was emptying and emptying quick!  UH OH!  We ran to the church (by the way, this is at 3 and the baptism is at 4) and looked inside, and the font was totally empty!!!!!!!!!!  NOOOO!  What were we going to do??  We dropped to our knees and pleaded with the Lord to help to us get this font full so that she could be baptized today!  Supposedly, the sister that was going to help us....didn't really know all that much about how to help us so she accidentally flipped the switch that empties the font..............haha.  So we start frantically looking for anything to help....oh and by the way, we went to go turn the water on to fill the font again.....and a little tiny streem was coming out and little by little less and less until no water was coming out.  WHAT!!!!  We looked for a hose, found one, hooked it up outside and put it into the font, but it was very little and was filling very slow!  We looked for buckets and started to fill small buckets with water and carrying it all the way to the font and pouring it in.....then I look at my watch and it's 4 o'clock and Mariana gets there with her whole family, including her 2 daughters who aren't members!  The font was about 4 inches high when she got there...........OH NO!  To make a long story short.....we spent around 2 1/2 hours filling the font with buckets and it was a little more than knee high....Mariana was baptized after a few attempts of trying to get everything under water...but she was baptized and everything was alright!  haha.  We found out that the miracle we were asking for was that her and her family would have enough patience to wait for us to fill the whole thing up with buckets!!!  hahaha.  It was probably one of the craziest days of my life and a baptism that I will never forget!  ha. 

That was definitely the highlight of my week!  I love you all, have a great week! 

Elder Johnson

Mariana's baptism

Elder Johnson's new neighborhood friend!

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