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So basically I'm super stoked right now to hear of all the cool things that are always hapenning back home....I'm so excited to hear that the missionary work is progressing so much in the home ward....that I still dont know! haha. But it's so awesome to hear about all the cool experiences that you guys are having as ward missioanries!  Oh and I definitely did not know that Chris was baptized on the same day that I came into the mission....thats so gnarly, we have an anniversary in common! haha.  Oh and I literally cannot believe that I have completed 2 years in the mission!!!!!  Thats so wierd that the 2 years that I have always waited for are done, but the Lord gave me a little more time to be here in the mission, so thats pretty cool!  I'm really enjoying this time right now in the's the hardest thing EVER, but I've never had to do something that has permitted me to really expand myself and really develop the gifts that God has given me and it's such an experience and the funnest thing I've ever done!

We had a super awesome experience this week and kinda funny also! haha.  JOSE GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!  WHOOOO!  We were super excited for him that he finally made the decision to be baptized because he was just super scared of not knowing enough and not being able to read well enough and a bunch of other things, but he finally found the courage to just trust in God and trust that he had recieved an answer from the Holy Ghost that all that we had taught him was true!  But it was the funniest thing because right when him and his family had gotten to the church for his baptismal service he went to the bathroom.....and you know how the doors into the font are in the bathroom?  Well he was going to come out of the bathroom and he heard us talking on the other side of the wall because we were in the room where the batismal font is and so him, not really knowing how to get around the chapel, just opens the door into the font and sees us on the other side and doesn't pay attention that there is a HUGE pool of water in front of him, starts to walk down the steps into the water!!!  hahahahahaha.  Then he realized that he was in water and just ran out of the font and we were telling him the whole time that he was just so excited to be baptized that he didn't want to wait for anyone....he went straight to the font!!  haha. Also, there was a little girl that got baptized in the same baptismal service, but when she got baptized we had to do it 3 times because there was always something that came out of the water, but when Jose got baptized, we only had to do it 1 time.....but then he was telling us that is was 2 because of the first intent on his own!!  hahaha.  It was honestly one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life!!  I'll have to tell you more when I'm with you because it was seriously soo funny!  But all in all, the baptismal service turned out great and he was super happy afterward.....he was actually talking to Elder Parkinson afterward while they were changing and Elder Parkinson asked him how he felt and he told him kind of emotionally that he knew that he did the right thing!!  WHOO!  He is going to be such an awesome part of our branch so we are super excited for him!  Then after the baptismal service we were talking to the uncle of Arturo and Armando and he was telling us that he had talked to them the other day and that they were super excited about their baptism on the 23rd, so we were also super super happy about that!  Oh, also funny thing that happened.....the jumpsuit of Jose did not fit him at all and so he just wore it as if they were pants and just turned his almost all white shirt inside out, but it was really funny because his shirt says "VOY CON TODO" which is translated "I'M GOING WITH EVERYTHING" and it was kind of'll be able to see it in the pics....but it was just super funny because it totally applied to his baptism!  hahaha.  It really was probably the best/funniest baptismal services of my mission!

Ok, so I've got news remember about my hand??  Well, it is going to be operated on the 30th of this month.  They are going to cut it back open and clean it out so that if there is any infected stuff in there, it wont affect me in the future, and so it doesn't look like another knuckle!  haha.  But I just wanted you guys to know right now so that you don't worry, because it's not going to be a huge operation but I will possibly be coming home with my hand in a bandage haha.  So I'll be in Culiacan the 29th and then the 30th will be the surgery and then for a few days I'll be resting and letting it heal and then the 3rd, I'll be coming home normal at the same time.  I will still have the stitches in when I get home so we will get someone to take them out when it is completely healed, but that shouldn't be too big of a problem.  So that's my big news this week!  haha.

I love you guys a ton, I'm happy for you and I'm SUPER excited to see you again!  WHOOOOOO!! haha.  But until then, I'll still be here in ME HE CO working until the last day! love you all.

Elder Johnson

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