Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Hello my dearest family that I love so dearly!

So first of all....WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT PICTURE????? I was laughing so hard when I saw that! haha.  (I sent him an old funny picture from when he was about 11 or 12 years old)

NEWSSS.....I got changed to a different area today! I just arrived here in a little RANCHITO neamed Angostura.....it is super close to the city Guasave! It's more in the north of Sinaloa...I have been traveling ALL day! haha. But this area seems super sweet...I have a new companion named Elder Fernandez, he is from Uraguay and he's a champ, I'm super excited to work with him! We have 2 little branches in this area so we are going to be going to 2 different sacrament meetings....but check this out....one of the sacrament meetings....is beneath a GIANT TREE!! There is just a little table for the sacrament and a small podium for the speaker!! I'm so stoked to see how it is...that is seriously like my dream, is to have a sacrament meeting like that! haha.

Anyway, cool story that happened yesterday in my last Sunday in Rosario.....so we were in the "chapel" getting ready for church and a guy walks in that nobody knows and asks if this was the Mormon church and we said yes....then he continued to tell us that he Apostolica and that his church was closed so he decided to come to ours...kinda random. But he sat in on our sacrament meeting...which was super spiritual for some reason, and he felt the spirit super strong! We finished the first meeting and we were about to seperate for other classes but he asked us if he could share something....SUPER random! haha. So we let him share what he wanted to say and he gets up and starts to tell us how in his church he would tell all the people that he hates the Mormons and that basically he wanted us all dead.....but then he started to cry and said that he felt something different being in our church and he apologized a ton to all of the members! He went on to say how he feels that this is the true church and that he is going to continue coming here!!! WHATTTT???? All the members afterward were super friendly to him and we felt the spirit SO strong in the church that day! This experience honestly was UNREAL!  I really think he could be our next branch president...but we'll see!

So about this Quinn Shuler situation...I knew him, that's super wild and super sad. It just makes me so grateful that our loving Heavenly Father loves us enough to give us basic instrucctions on how to find happiness and stay away from the evil things of this world that bring nothing but sadness...my prayers will include that family.

We are going to see miracles this change...I can feel it!!  With diligence comes blessings.

love love love you all,
Elder Johnson

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